I genuinely want to switch off the T.V, not because I want to stick my eyes on Ekta Kapoor’s never ending saas-bahu drama or watch cricket or any gossip about bollywood. I want to stop listening to this election crap which has given me ear ache. I want to elections to end as soon as possible, not to know who becomes the Prime Minister of India. Honestly, not interested! The election banners say, vote for the right one and that’s the power you have to choose your leader, and I ask, what leader are you talking about? Are we trying to elect the blind in the group of deaf? Are we trying to elect based on their crime records (most are hidden)? Are we trying to elect based on their false promises? Are we trying to elect based on our love towards a political party? Like my grandmother once had told, no matter who is the candidate I will only vote for this (not revealing) symbol. I call ourselves hypocrites as we talk about our rights without even trying to change anything and people like these will continue to rule us. I don’t have to think twice, I am a hypocrite as well! But most importantly, why I have got sick of these elections? I think it’s because people are instilling thoughts to create hatred and believing in “divide and rule”. Sometimes I truly think, why did India gain independence to get ruled by impostors or criminals? Once again, back to square one, who is the right candidate – Is it Rahul gandhi, Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal or those umpteen names and unknown parties? Definitely, one way of judging them is listening to their speeches but I got confused even more as I detested Modi on hearing Gandhi and detested Gandhi on hearing Modi and same applies to all. What are these people talking about? They are insulting other candidates to prove their superiority and surprisingly, during their rallies the crowd cheers them up when they speak ill of other party candidates. But we, the educated lot, either believe our heart or sit at home unwilling to vote sympathizing the current status of India. Here is a quick look at the future leaders point of views, goals and so-called agendas (famously known as Muddas – the never ending) and tell me how am I supposed to vote for the right listening to all this. 

“Modi wants to become the PM and he can do anything for it. He will divide the nation into pieces, make people fight against each other,” Mr Gandhi said at a rally in Kanker in Chhattisgarh. 

Azam Khan, a Samajwadi Party leader, for his statement on the 1999 Kargil war said, “The peaks of Kargil were conquered, not by a Hindu but by Muslim soldiers,” he said in Ghaziabad, a constituency in Uttar Pradesh where a large number of retired army men are voters.

Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh, who said on Tuesday, “It is unfortunate that people like Amit Shah are in politics. People like him are making divisive speeches. We will fight the BJP like we have and we will destroy Amit Shah.”

Rashtriya Lok Dal leader Ajit Singh said,  “Western Uttar Pradesh will burn in communal flames if the BJP comes to power. To prevent this, we can go to any extent, even if it means throwing Modi into the ocean”.

“There is an attempt to cover one man’s real face with a mask. He is being projected as the cure for all ills and a miraculous leader,” Mrs Gandhi said at a rally in Kolar, Karnataka, without naming Mr Modi.

“Three AKs have emerged as a unique strength for Pakistan. One is AK-47 which has been used to cause bloodshed in Kashmir. The second is A.K. Antony, who informs Parliament that people wearing the dress of Pak army beheaded our soldiers while our Army says Pakistanis had come. Third AK which is AK49 who has just given birth to a new party,” Modi said, in a reference to Kejriwal, who resigned after 49 days as chief minister of Delhi.

            These leaders are threatening each other publicly; destroy, throwing in to ocean, Kargil won by Muslims etc etc. I wonder, if they are exhibiting their true nature or acting like fifth standard children. But whatever it is, our nation, in one simple word, is screwed.

            They are trying to pile up votes by dividing between Hindus and Muslims, congress and BJP and AAP but I guess the country has already been divided. Civilians Vs Politicians! Sometimes I feel, they are like British, looting us, harassing us but only difference is, they are here because of our will and wish. And finally, people can say, “if your country is being slaughtered today, then only you are to blame as you voted for them” but strangely, nobody gives us the option of choosing the candidate who should stand for elections. If the raw products are bad then how can you expect a good product of it? I am to vote on April, 17th and I will, contemplating my decision of pressing any button!!!

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