Incredible India :)

I had a bad day yesterday!!!

My hormones were agitated giving me a restless mood. Through out the day I read about the status of women in India. While I was proud about some women, the talks about rape, molestation literally crunched my heart. There were silent tears flowing defining my inability to do anything about these situations. There was anger, fear, frustration ranging in my heart, all at the same time, making me extremely low. All day. I wrote in my blog, commented on posts, read their articles yet, there was no change in my mood. And after marriage, all these mood swings, by default has to be burdened over husband. But as my husband is thousand miles away, I waited for him to call.

Finally, when I spoke to him, unable to explain my twitching mood, (once again by default) I started pin pointing all the wrong things he has done so far. Yes, the call ended in a fight!!!

Bad mood plus a huge arguement with husband is no bonus. I wept and I wept for hours. I didn’t know how to satisfy myself. For a minute, I dreamed about being the prime minister of India and making the life of women so much better that every foreigner would want to stay here. Next moment thought of writing an email to Mr. Narendra Modi and explaining the situation of women (like he doesn’t know already). When  my mind was devastated by the current situation in India, my phone beeped. Thinking it would be my husband’s buttering message I looked at my phone scorning. One of my ex-colleagues had sent me a video. After watching that short video my tears had dried, my love for the country was born again and a smile appeared on my face only to turn in to a laughter. There were so many funny moments (though it’s not exactly funny) and I continued to watch it laughing whole heartedly. I do not know who made that video but I wanted to share it the moment I saw it. I have seen many such videos of this kind but this made me a little extra happy, I guess!!! This video shows how intelligent Indians are and how well we use our available resources to make the best of the lot. We don’t need luxury, we don’t need money, we don’t need equipment, we don’t need machinery. We have our brain and rest, is manageable. There are certain other things, which indeed happens ONLY IN INDIA 🙂

Watch it and share your laughter with me 🙂


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