Bonding of Love over Borosil!!!!

He knew she was angry. He being a moron, that he was, couldn’t help but make her sad every time. It was their fifth anniversary and he had forgotten to bring her a present or even wish her. She had stormed out of the house late evening realizing he had completely forgotten about their special day. He knew her anger was justified. Living in a metro city like Bangalore, travelling hours in a day, life had become too complex and tiring for him. He had even forgotten his own name, he felt. But that was no excuse for forgetting his love, his family, his wife and that special day when he was bound to her for life. Life was too expensive and his wife liked expensive stuffs which he couldn’t afford. She wanted life to be classy where as he wanted it to be comfortable. She craved for diamond earnings where as he didn’t even get a silver anklet. But today he thought he would do something for her, something sweet and beautiful and of course classy!!!

When she reached home the dinner table was set. Room was lit with candles and her favorite expensive Borosil cook and serve – wares were decorated with mouth watering food cooked by him. She couldn’t believe he had bought her that one present which she always begged for while shopping. He thought Borosil was an expensive name, where as she thought it bought dignity in to the household.

Two grill drop round casseroles were neatly kept on the dining table beside the candles. Mostaccioli pasta was dipped in juicy tomato basil pasta sauce, giving a divine reddish outlook to the bowl. Traces of minced cloves and garlic scattered all over the pasta, adding to its flavour. Yellow green diced fried bell pepper with sliced onions were just visible through the casserole. Chopped basil and Italian parley garnished the entire bowl with its simplicity and green and white colours. The pasta was served on Blue leafy Borosil melamine dinnerware and the moment she took the first spoon, it was heavenly.

The next item on the table was a drink, to cool down her temper. Two borosil vision glasses were ready with faloodas. Two scoops of pista ice cream were floating in the rich, bubbly rose milk along with blended ice cubes. Falooda sev made their way towards the bottom through the ice cream and crushed dry fruits. She liked dry fruits. It was a blend of Badam, Pista and cashew nuts. On top soaked basil seeds gave a different look to the falooda. They are tiny seeds, just swimming on top making the body cool on the first sip. A straw hung by the side of the glass and craved for her lips to taste the juicy ice cream flavoured falooda.

When the dinner ended on a sweet note, she smiled and said, “I wish you forget our anniversary every year so that I get Borosil dinnerware and serveware along with deliciously cooked food by you, that too added with lots of love”.

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This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger contest in association with Borosil – performs beautifully.

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