There is no harm in asking!!!

When I was 16, I was going through a rough patch in life. Boy friends, breakups, exams, mood swings, irritation, distraction and above all, an unending curiosity. Yes, I do agree life was different by then. Life is different today because of the mistakes committed in the past. But I often wonder, could life have been more better? Could  have I studied a little more harder to secure a place in a good college? Could have I kept myself away from emotional hassles which tormented me for years? Could have I kept my curiosities to myself without trying to get an answer and getting involved at a different level? 12 years before, it was like a whole different world. Mobile phones were babies and internet on phone was on the process of gestation, where as 3G was not even fertilized. The only option was slow processing desktops, with slower internet taking an hour to open google. So all the questions were unanswered and I was at no level of asking my parents anything.


Time changed, things changed and a whole new era opened up in front of us. From laptops, to tablets to 3G to 4G, seems like entire globe is revolving at our finger tips. And also, all the solutions to our problems!!!

Be it a love affair or a strangled marriage status or an employment issue or a suicidal feeling, your every problem has found a new home to unravel answers, to feel supported and to hold those fingers, which would lead you towards the right path in life. It is a time in life when you feel you are lost and you need some one to guide you but the complexities in you make you totter and zip those lips. If this is the phase you are sailing in, then you should be a part of a group called “”. I wish I was only 16 now!!! is a portal (launched already) with a team of experts and volunteers, who will not only solve your issues and problems but also, try to instill a new ray of hope by inspiring you at every level possible. Be it fashion, beauty, health, sex, girl friend issues or any personal problems, the experts from the panel will answer your queries and help you resolve your problem. Adding on to it, there will be lots of inspiring guest posts from the volunteers!!! When I told my husband about this website, he asked me why would anybody be interested in sharing their problems with a stranger. I believe sometimes, we can not share everything with the people we love (be it embarrassment or preserving our own image) but we feel at ease asking the same question to a stranger whom we have never met, who is also an expert in that area (so we know for sure there is no nonsense talk going on) and also, all our queries are met without any embarrassment or shame!!! There is also another angle to this concept. If I really need some advice on my looks I can’t ask my husband, can I??? So here is a platform to all those people who seek help, who seek advice, who seek hope, who seek guidance or who seek inspiration. My husband always says, what is life without inspiration and at a tender age, kids don’t need lecturing but encouragement. I am hopeful that will sure serve as a catalyst to ignite the best in people, showing a better path to those who are lost and to those who are willing to walk.

Do visit It is live now 🙂
or like it on facebook advice adda on facebook
or be a volunteer and help people to lead a better life (You can email at and share you inspiring life incidents and stories and be a part of the family)
This post is NOT written as a part of any blogging contest!!! I am doing free publicity as a volunteer as I believe is up for a noble cause.

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