Inhale and exhale… I am breathing!!!!

Where was I for the last one month? If you say solitude, I say prison. Yes, living a life without high speed internet is like living behind bars with no connection to the outer world. The writer inside me had taken a nap, and the blogger inside me was pestering to come out alive. In short, the last one month was not a bliss. I had caught some weird skin problem (thanks to Jeddah climate) and kept shuttling between India and Jeddah (Thanks to my husband’s profession), I was living in a world of uncertainty. Not that things are all good now, yeah, I still do have some itching and will be travelling to Dubai this month end (Yey!!!) but thankfully, internet is back (3G, yet not high speed). But the sad part was, I missed my IndiBlogger family members.. So many posts to read (grrr internet is too slow) and comment!!!!

It is so rejuvenating to open the pages and read those posts. It feels like I am connected. Recently, when my husband’s colleague’s wife asked me how Jeddah was treating me and how do I cope up with no social life being inside home all day, I only smiled. I told her, my socialization is beyond boundaries. I socialize everyday with lots of people, sharing thoughts and views and educating myself. My friends are from all over the world and I get a chance to be inspired by them every single day. So Jeddah is treating me like India. However big the restrictions imposed are, I live my life peacefully communicating with people. But when the access to internet was limited, my entire socialization got restricted. It truly felt as if I was living inside four walls, eating, sleeping and reading!!! I got bored of the same routine. Then I went back to India. I got so busy there, I had no time to access internet and once again I felt lonely amid the huge crowd. I wanted to write. Something. Anything. but I wanted to write. Finally today when I am just scribbling some words, there is a smile on my face and solace in my heart. Yes, I am breathing, at last!!!

It is so strange that few years before, life was running well without mobiles, laptops, internet or 3G.. but now it feels as if we can’t lead our lives without them… Let’s hope internet doesn’t leave our side and we continue to write and share always!!!

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