How I met my better (best) half !!!!

Time and tide waits for none!!! I really can’t believe in two days it is our first wedding anniversary. I was draped in a mustard color saree and my husband looking dashing in his blue silk shirt, signed our marriage papers in a registrar office. What a day it was. It even drizzled right after the signing like gods showering blessings from the sky through the clouds. It was just the beginning of a new life and I am sure the celebration will last forever. Being a hard core love marriage, the story of how we met is pretty interesting (or may be every couple feels this way).

Me and my husband (Raghu) shared a lot of things in common. We belonged to the same city, studied in the same school, went to the same tuition, studied in the same pre-university college and despite of all this we never met each other for more than 10 years. His primary school had become my high school but when I had joined he had shifted his base. I lost my chance of meeting him there!!! But his ex-friends had become my friends!!! During this period I decided to take mathematics tuition along with my other friends but discarded the idea at the last minute. Surprisingly, mathematics tuition was conducted at his house which was next to my school and his mom (my mother in law) was the tuition teacher.  Gosh, I lost the chance of meeting him again!!! After my high school, I joined Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College for Pre University and he was in the same college but in a different branch. Having more than 1000 students in 11th standard (all batches included) and 80 students in a class, we hardly knew our classmates. So, the chances of knowing a batch mate were thin. The funny fact is I had initially opted for his branch finally shifting to biology. Once again I lost my chance of meeting him!!! During this period we both went to the same tuition (less than 15 students) but once again our timings were slightly different. I went in when he went out!!! So irrespective of all the positive odds, we never met each other, never shook hands or even passed a weird smile. Years rolled by, life moved on and we chose different career options and opted for different cities. 
Almost after 6 years in to our separate lives, having nothing in common (he was living in Bangalore, I was in Manipal; He was an engineer and I was a speech therapist), destiny brought us together through facebook. In FB we want to add all those familiar faces whom we have hardly spoken in real life. When I first got his friend request I immediately wanted to ignore it as I had a rule of not adding people whom I didn’t know. But when I scrutinized his profile for minute details I was more than surprised. We went to the same school, same PU college, same group of friends and I started wondering if he was actually my classmate whom I had totally forgotten (may be a first bench-er!!!). But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t recall his image and hence, I sent him a message asking if he was my classmate. Well there was another Shruthi in his class and mine later, and she was the confusion creator which led to this friend request. Thanks to my father who named me the most common name in our town. There used to be at least two or three Shruthis in one class. Had it not been for this name, I would have never met my husband!!!
After clearing all doubts and wanting to plunge in to a zone of friendship, we decided to add each other. My memory (being an awesome one) did not let me down and it started pouring me with images of a lean man from the past, near my college and near my tuition. Even though he didn’t recall my face (his memory is very bad) he remembered the girl who rode luna to college. It was quite embarrassing for me in those days but it seems he thought it was “cool” of me to ride a luna to college (well you need to have guts to ride a luna especially when you are in college). But this new found friendship didn’t turn in to love immediately. Raghu was completely lost in his own world and I was seriously considering getting married to somebody else of my parent’s choice. During this phase, we became friends, then best friends, then best of best friends and started spending hours over phone every day sharing every tear and every smile. Amusingly, he gave me dating tips and I made him write love letter to other girls!!! Finally, when things were very serious about my marriage he even decided to create my profile in and took the responsibility of searching a suitable groom for me (Ah! What a great friend). 
Days passed by and with every passing second we grew closer to each other as friends. We took less interest in other men/women only to spend more time with each other. His mobile bills were shooting stars which he often complained yet, promptly giving me a call the next day. One of these days he casually said, “Maybe we should marry each other as our understanding is great and our frequencies match perfectly fine”. This casual thought lead to series of thoughts, which finally made us accept this friendship as something much more and divine. It was never “oh baby I love you so much” kind of love rather, it was a practical well thought decision. After turning our friendship in to a relationship, we actually fell in love with each other. But even at the pinnacle of love, hunger and sleep never left us. So, it was more like an arranged marriage but arranged by us. After being in a relationship for almost two years, we decided to marry each other and today, here we are living a beautiful life in our love nest and hoping to see many more enchanting years to come.
May be I am indebted forever
for having a chance to know what is love
As beautiful as it can ever get

As soothing as my heart can ever feel
It can only beat for you
saying, thank you for being in my life
thank you for loving me beyond boundaries
and thank you for making me what I am today…
I will stand beside you, holding hands
showering life with lots of smiles
I know, when you are next to me
Life could be nothing but a joyful ride
Let the whole world scream against
Let the society laugh at us if they can
but our love will bind us for eternity
as long as love will remain in the world per se…
P.S: All photos are downloaded through different sources via google except the last one!!!

2 thoughts on “How I met my better (best) half !!!!

  1. Your story is so inspirational and beautiful.. You guys were meant to be ❤️ As your fourth “I hope I am right” anniversary is approaching, I truly wish you a life filled with love and happiness with Mr. Raghu and many stories to share and remember


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