Du – Bye !!!

Some ten years ago I had made a pact with myself and my best friend, to shift my base to the beautiful city of Dubai. I wanted to live my dream in that dreamy city and lead a comfortable, luxurious life. Wanted to truly oblige the statement “live like a king (queen)” and the instant I had seen pictures of Dubai I was in love with it. Every day the dream grew bigger but finally, I ended up being in Jeddah sliding over my colourful dreams to an era of black and white. Last week, when I finally got a chance to go to Dubai for a vacation I was slightly hesitant considering I would never want to come back to Jeddah. But once I truly landed in this city of prodigiously stunning architecture, wide and beautifully carved roads, women with the modern trendy clothes and men with modern technologies, an instant surge of happiness over took me. First few hours I was so enchanted by this enigmatic city, I didn’t even blink. It was after all a dream come true for me!!! half a day passed when the reality started seeping in. And this reality slowly started taking over me which ultimately made me thank god for not shifting my base to Dubai.

Except man made constructions there is nothing much to see in Dubai. We missed Desert safari due to lack of time, may be it would have been worth the visit. Rest everything is so artificial even the island. Where as being born in a country like India, where everything is so natural and gifted I started disliking Dubai instantly. The weather is too dry like Jeddah and I hardly saw people out on the roads. Yeah, the roads were great with people strictly following lane rules but just for that I wouldn’t move to Dubai. Apart from shopping malls and spending money, you can’t do anything much in Dubai. Even the excitement of going to the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa dried away once I stepped in there. It provided my eyes a great view but not extra ordinary. It is almost the same view we get while landing. The aquarium and underwater zoo was slightly better in the lot. Apart from this, if something really needs a mention here then that is shopping. Shopaholic people would love Dubai as it offers a range of brands, range of styles at a considerable price. Rest everything, for my eyes did not appeal. My heart did not go ga-ga over it as I expected. It was better than Jeddah but no where close to my country or may be I love India way too much !!!

Jammu & Kashmir

The horrific traffic jams or pot holes cladded roads or continuous uninterrupted honking or dust, pollution or power cuts or women as fashion disasters or men still using 1100 caged in cello tapes remind me of that India where I was born, and lived for so many years. There is nothing extra ordinary about my country but it is filled with life and love. When I see so many people on the streets, cows, dogs, cats along with them I feel lively. Lush greenery, cool breeze and uncontrollably pouring rain fills my heart every time with extra joy. And when I look at Dubai, which is completely man made I don’t get that kick. Yeah, it is that kick I am talking about. At the end I realized, “mitti ki khushboo” is something I can get only in my country. I feel I belong here and no matter where I go, how much I travel in life the sense of belonging will always belong to my country, with my people. India has its roots firm in history, culture and tradition as well as in the modern day contemporary styles. You still find women draped in sarees and also, in short skirts with off shoulder tees. If we think Dubai is heaven (often people have told me this), I wonder what would they call India as? India also offers great shopping places, great sight seeing places and great delicacies. Desert, snow, mountains, sea, hill stations, valleys, rivers, forest name it and you have it in India. but still India is not as famous as Dubai. Still very few foreigners comes to India for vacation compared to Dubai. Still we want to work in Dubai as it offers us a lot better pay. This is only because of corrupt politicians and the day they evolve our country will reach sky. The only thing I admired about Dubai is the King, who works so much to improve the city. It is in his presence Dubai has grown drastically and has become the hub of tourism. If these people can make a desert in to top tourist destination and balance the economy of the country with it, why can’t we? After all we have so much more to offer. But no!!! Nobody wants to improve the tourism sector here. Even Indians go abroad for honeymoon like India has nothing better to offer. Just dig deep guys and see how beautiful our country is. The feeling of being in India is absolutely different. I agree it is not clean and neat but we are also to be blamed for it. Some how we become so civilized in a foreign country and search for dust bins, which we never do it in India.


India looks beautiful from all the views not only aerial view !!!!

We have spoiled our country. A country which is far more beautiful than most of the countries in the world. Most are man made but our country is rich by itself. May be it is time to change our attitudes and try to make India a better place for ourselves and for others. I will start my bit by not littering and will you???

P.S : All pictures are downloaded from different sources via google 🙂

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