Let me begin this post with the sad part. When I was born along with five more boys in the hospital; if I say my family was delighted then that would be wrong. My father walked away the moment he realized I was a girl. Not that he has ever ill treated me once he accepted the truth. But my grandmother couldn’t digest the fact too well. Or may be she never liked me. When I was born, poverty was hovering around us and dad’s bank balance was less than hundred rupees. Which led to my mother going to college for further education and dad worked day and night to pay her fees. So, I was deprived of mother’s milk and was left alone with my not-so-loving grandmother. In my house there were cows but that milk was not accessible to me. My main source of food was water and so, now you can imagine how strong my immunity would be.

As I grew up and as the money flow was better in my house, my parents started focusing more on me. There was a reason behind this – I was weak and ill all the time. Fever, cough, sore throat were my best buddies and they felt cheated to leave me alone. I hated food in general (now am I to blame for it? I was a kid) and my parents stuffed me with some more which I normally vomited it off my system. So with age I grew more weak and my parents loving me the most, replaced my food nutrients with tablets. They didn’t want me to suffer, of course, but that ate up the remaining immunity I had. During my school days I often said “even if a man sneezes at one kilometer away from me, I am sure to catch cold”. Yes, I was that weak then !!!
My parents grew worried with my every birthday and dad even brought cane along during dinner to feed me. I ate all the vegetables but that couldn’t keep me away from diseases. So, then started an unending era of chyawanprash. Every night after dinner I was made to eat one spoon of chyawanprash followed by a glass of milk and I ate it without any fuss. It tasted good and any day better than those vegetables. I have no idea for how many years I ate them or how many bottles I have finished so far. Surprisingly, my health started getting better even though not immediately but eventually. Fever and cough stayed away from me and I got to play outside more frequently with other children. I felt strong in fact. I don’t know if this change can be completely attributed to chyawanprash but to be honest, there was no other change in my diet then. Hence, I believe it did it’s magic on me. Today, I am a far more healthy person, successful, educated and confident. Somewhere deep down I feel I owe this to chyawanprash. I know how my parents were worried due to my constant illness, I remember frequent hospitalizations, I remember dad carrying me and taking me to a hospital at mid night. They were all tensed. Peace and happiness had left us leaving only worry behind. Thankfully I got better and so did my parents. I still have a bottle of chyawanprash at home now. Well I feel too kiddish to eat but I know one spoon of chyawanprash will improve your immunity system and prepares your body to fight. Happy eating !!!!
This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger contest in association with Dabur Chyawanprash. 
For more details do check their website
Stay healthy, stay safe !!!

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