Live it their way !!!

After a bad day attributing to bad health and bad mood, I decided to watch that special movie which I bought few weeks ago. I had chucked the idea desiring to read the novel first. Well reading hasn’t been on my top list in the past few days. I am disappointed as I read just three novels in the past two months.. Owing to all the bad stuff happening with me, today seemed like a perfect day to watch this emotional, sensitive movie with a box of tissue papers as my alibi. Like I had predicted it escorted me in to a whole new level of emotions. Tears just didn’t seem to listen while lips were twitching in an emotion mixed with sorrow, love and hope. The movie got over and tears drained off, albeit the sail in an ocean of elusive sensations didn’t stop. I thought about the movie, life, love, almost about everything. There I knew, bad day, bad mood, bad health can’t mess with me. Life is far more beautiful and thank god, I have that ultimate “okay” man in my life.
So here is what “The fault in our stars” taught me :
1. How to love somebody without asking anything in return. There have been times when we want something more from our lives, something more from the person we love, be it money, looks, health and end up hurting them. Today when I saw two cancer patients loving each other so exceptionally in spite of knowing their deadly fate. Now you might say it all happens in a movie and I know, it happens in this so called mean life. I have seen wife or husband by the side of their spouses when they are hit by stroke, with a smile on their face just spreading joy and hope in the way possible. And I have asked myself many a times how can somebody be still hopeful (as I would know their better half would live like a vegetable for the rest of their life) and love that person without asking anything in return. I guess by believing in miracles, believing things will be all fine, believing their relationship can’t be shaken by a mere disease.
2. How to cherish life even when the clock is ticking. I normally advice my mother or anybody who is unhealthy to forget their pain or problem and smile and enjoy life. Whereas, when I have a headache I refuse to get up from bed. Imagine a person with a terminal cancer, with repeated hospitalizations, with no hope. But today, lead characters made me believe life smiles back at you only if you smile along. You may be sick, mentally or physically, but have the gut to smile and laugh at your life and remind yourself it could have been worse. May be, what we have today is the best we can get and so, we shouldn’t lose it. Healthy or unhealthy, you have one life – Just live it in the best way possible.
3. How to make a person smile. We are so stuck up in our lives, jobs, money minting that we forget how important it is to keep the other person happy. May be your husband, wife, children, parents, or friends just be there when they need you and share some smiles. Sometimes I wonder if life is really that complicated and calculative or are we on purpose walking towards hell. Can living our own lives with our own people be that difficult? Can’t we all have some “we” time and laugh and may be drink some coffee together, share experiences and support each other? The more we make people around us  smile, our life becomes blissful as well.
4. How to be strong. Strong doesn’t mean physically but mentally as well. Lead actress takes in all the trouble to fulfill her final wish of meeting her favorite author irrespective of her bad health and doctor’s strict advice. That needs a lot of courage. Well I am not saying we need to gather courage to fulfill our bucket list but to do anything in life. All it takes is that first step then we just start walking with the flow. Be it quitting your job to be a traveler or shifting your base to see the world or spending all the savings to start up a new business; at the end our dreams matter more and to achieve them we got to be strong and try and try until we actually succeed.
5. How to let go. If I was that character, I would have never fallen in love with someone who is dying even if I am dying too. Because once they are gone, the excruciating pain wouldn’t let me die in peace. So this is what we do. We run from situations as we can’t let go of things. We can’t let go for our past which haunts us, making us miserable. We can’t let go of people who were once close to us. We can’t even let go of things that were our favorites. But at times, it is best to just let go. Hoarding stuff in our hearts will only make our lives even more difficult. Hence, when the time is right we should let go of everything and start fresh with some old memories trying to build new ones.
If you have not watched this movie may be it is time to pick up your copy (and trust me this movie is not for people who hate emotional genre or those who do not believe in love or who doesn’t like to cry afterwards).

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