Five ways to keep the passion ignited…

Life gets a new definition after marriage and so does, Love !!! The romantic moments spent before wedding appear silly and just cuddling becomes time consuming. Sex stops at having children and candle light dinner at saving money !!!! Wives when they watch romantic movies cry about the lost romance in life and husbands wonder where did the “hotness quotient” dry away. Now tell me who doesn’t agree with me. I know everybody does. Before marriage just to hug each other people hid behind bushes, avoiding police, parents and public and after marriage when they have all the freedom in the world to touch, they don’t have time or passion or spark or whatever you may want to call it.

So, here I am writing a post as to how you can maintain that spark in your marriage :

1. It is a human tendency to go against law and do things which we are not supposed to. For example, kissing in a park or hugging in a movie theater or may be even more. But after marriage once you have all the freedom in the world to get cozy in your own cozy bedroom you tend to forget those moments which ignited your passion. So what you are married? Still you can secretly hold hands in movie theater or kiss in a park (make sure no militant organizations are watching). After all you are husband and wife and you love each other !!!

2. Go on romantic dates. Just because you are married and have kids doesn’t stop you from making the other person feel special. Some romantic music, candle night and vintage wine will bring back that spark instantly.

3. The law by nature says, humans get bored easily by the same routine. So do things differently. You can surprise your wife by coming home for lunch and some romance… You can get up early and cook breakfast together.. You can still pour water on each other (marriage doesn’t say you need to keep the house clean always)… Do things that would make you come closer. Salsa class would be great !!!!

4. Always make time to hold each other. This is compulsory in every relationship. Only a physical touch, hug makes two human beings come closer like their souls are bounded. In this hectic and busy schedule, we are always on the run and tired. So, hardly we get time even to touch !!! But try to take some time off and hug your spouse. If you don’t eventually you will forget how important it is to feel each other and lose its importance.


5. And yes, most important thing always look beautiful and fit. We often lose ourselves to marriage, family and children that we forget to take care of ourselves, our skin, our looks. It is true love doesn’t see beauty but if you can still make his/her heart skip a beat trust me the passion in marriage will never fade away. Always look your best.


I hope this helps ….


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