The good old days, Simi thought. His touch meant the world to her. Born an orphan, the only thing she ever wanted was a cozy hug and a comforting touch. She cribbed for it. She had got many on the way, some lustful, some aggressive, some lost. But she never found what she wanted, what her inner soul cried for. And when she found him, she had lost him in no time.
The first time when they met on a bus, she detested him sitting so close by and trying endlessly to make a conversation. Regular bus, regular passengers, regular seat forced them in to being friends. Finally, he had asked her out for dinner and she affirmatively said yes. She had worn her best dress for the night and looked gorgeous that he blurted out “If I touch you once, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you” and she had laughed in return. Finally, when he did hold her hand she knew instantly she was falling in love with this man. Then he kissed her, like no one was watching them in that restaurant. That is how their love blossomed without having to express anything through words. It was just all said in their touch.
Simi always wondered how did she stumble upon such happiness in life. She had struggled all her life and now having Arjun by her side was an enchanting dream. A dream which never wanted to turn in to reality. She was always scared of reality. But, who can run away from the bitterness of life. Her hospital test results during a blood donation program broke her life, her heart and Arjun of course. Simi was suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Her lost days came floating in front of her so harshly that she couldn’t face Arjun anymore. He was scared too and angry. Though he knew every tangled story of her life he couldn’t accept the reality. She didn’t cheat him, he knew but felt helpless. So, he just left.
It was almost one year since Arjun left. One day evening, Simi heard a knock on her door and she couldn’t believe when she saw Arjun standing there with a bouquet of red roses in hand. She stood there just gazing at him. “I am sorry Simi” that’s all he had to say. But she was too hurt to reply anything. She just walked in without responding. He sat next to her and smiled and told her “If I touch you once, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you” and like the first time he gently held her hand and kissed her. Simi broke in to tears and she told she was sorry too. Arjun hugged her and that hug comforted her saying he was always going to be with her. After his touch, Simi once again felt alive. She felt she can fight against every disease as long as he was with her holding her hand.

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