The other side of LOVE !!!!


I could never explain it to her, he thought and when he peeped through the window, she seemed happy. Just happy. Her bedroom was decorated with balloons and red ribbons, red is her favorite, and Mia bubbled some more air bubbles in to the air, while she innocently tried to burst them with her fragile fingers. There he saw her laugh, for the first time after what happened. And for that moment, he wished his world to stop, just to look at her laugh, hear her giggles, see her jump and burst some more air bubbles. He was relieved. He had waited for so long to live this moment. Five years to be precise. And today, he saw the same joy which had caressed her life five years ago when he had first seen her in her dance class, dancing out of the world without any qualms or complaints; losing herself to every beat. But sadly, he saw her being insanely happy only on that day. Since then, she was only lost. He only saw tears wetting her life and he never saw her dance again. The pain was too much for him to bear; he silently wiped out those harsh tears and smiled as he knew today was the day to celebrate. 
After five long years of wait she was finally smiling, laughing, dancing along with Mia. After five years she broke out of her prison in which she forced herself in to a death sentence. What was so different today, he wondered. In the last five years she never celebrated her birthday, she never let anyone wish her. He knew today was something more than her birthday and how much he had understood her, he was definite those cute dimple of hers told another tale of joy. It wasn’t simply because she was born on that same day twenty two years back. She was never a woman of past anyways so the present spoke for her joy. “What if she has got some clue?” The mere thought ran a shiver down his soul and he prayed, that day would never come. Then why would she be so happy? The more he saw her laugh and giggle an uncomfortable lump formed in his throat and he couldn’t gulp it. Now tears of joy had turned in to something dark which he wished to forget, to start fresh. But they say, how can you actually leave behind the path you have walked on, as only that is responsible for where you are today. He was sure if it hadn’t been his dark past, he would have never followed this beautiful girl for as long as five years, he wouldn’t have fallen in love. Yes, he loved her more than an eternity could decipher, more than he himself ever understood. Otherwise, why would he celebrate her birthday lurking behind a mango tree peeping through her windows, singing happy birthday silently, smiling over her laughter and crying over his helplessness. She didn’t even know he existed but for him she was his world. Her every small desire was his life’s goal and whenever she prayed for something, he made an extra effort to make it happen. But no matter what he did, she was never happy until today. So was he, in the last five years. Finally, happy to see his love happy.
“Tessa, will you at least cut your cake now? I am hungry” Mia was shouting
“Wait a minute Mia. I feel someone is behind that Mango tree.” Tessa was scared with the thought of someone watching her. All her smiles vanished and fear engulfed her like it did before. She silently walked towards the window and shut them.
There his happiness had come to an end. He cursed himself for being present and ruining her evening. But he couldn’t help himself. He just silently walked past that Mango tree, in to his car and drove away wondering how his life would have been different had he not killed her parents. At least he could have expressed his love for her or may be, he would have never followed her and fallen in love with her. 

Love pushed him to live through his guilt but also, made him die every single second counting her endless tears. And yeah, only love can do that !!!!

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