Ab hum bhi bolenge !!!

Dear supreme power of India,

I am sure everybody knows what I am referring to here. No no not the Prime Minister and definitely not the President. The Supreme Power is none other than the common people of India. Just because Narendra Modi holds a broom in hand India is not going to get cleaner. Or because AAP decides to make broom as their logo India is not going to get cleaner. We normally blame the government, higher authorities for whatever that is going wrong in our country. Like the garbage near my house has been created by the corrupt politicians !!!! May be this is the time for a morning call, to awaken our spirits and do our bit to keep our motherland clean and green.
So, here is a quick peek in to a funny and absurd Indian way of living :

1. Even the educated Indian boys do not mind peeing on the streets. Oh yeah, that wouldn’t leave any dump behind. Just some stinking smell !!!

2. This is our motherland (literally every inch of land is our mothers and fathers) so we can chew pan and tobacco and spit wherever we want in whichever design that pleases us. And yeah if you are not a tobacco eater, do not worry, you can still spit anywhere in India. How cool is that !!!!

3. I think every Indian is illiterate. People are obsessed with dumping trashes where there is a board which clearly states “DO NOT DUMP YOUR TRASH HERE”

4. Every India also needs basket ball practice. Somehow we aim it for the garbage can outside our locality but trash falls outside and due to our constant back pain we do not prefer putting them back in the can. We just love stray dogs and so we leave it for them to play around.

5. Chocolate wrap to plastic bags, everything has found a new home – Indian streets and yeah, we gave it to them. So proud !!!


6. While travelling, we are even good at throwing pepsi bottles, orange peels, left over food directly from our bus window in to the windshield of a nearby car or sometimes head of a biker. If they are not wearing a helmet, don’t blame us.

7. And yeah we even love tucking the chewing gums on our bus/cab seats or on a bench. We just love sticking things to strangers. At least in that way we are remembered.
8. Finally, being so much in love with our country we only sweep till our house gate and the road which is just outside doesn’t concern us. We did our duty by voting. Now it is undoubtedly their responsibility.
Hell yes, I am pissed. People are asking me to raise my voice but against whom? Why can’t we be a little more responsible. When recently I had been to Dubai (no doubt authorities are doing a good job) I saw a different way of living. People did not spit on streets or pee or dump their trash or throw chocolate wraps but when the same people come back to India they can’t let go off their innate behavior. It is like “I am born in India, brought up in India, had my education in India but I promise to keep Dubai clean”. Where does your manners go when you step your foot in your own country? Some simple 8 points are mentioned above and are you really telling me we can’t follow this?
Few years earlier even I wouldn’t mind throwing chocolate wraps on roads (as it would already be dirty) but my husband started insisting (thank you hubby) on some good behavior. Since then, I have truly realized my share of duty towards my country. I am raising my voice against my own people (a whole bunch of my friends and relatives) and requesting them (later will shout) to keep our locality clean, and by doing so, India will automatically get cleaned up at least by 50 %.  But no, we are the educated lot. We can’t do these simple tasks. Right guys and boys, please, there are public toilets everywhere (at least in towns and cities and metros). If those toilets are unclean and stinky, you have no right to make India unclean and stinky !!!
Do your bit and trust me, people will follow and so, our country !!!!

This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger HappyHours in association with Strepsils (follow strepsils on facebook and twitter)  #AbMontuBolega Campaign  http://www.abmontubolega.com/


#AbMontuBolega campaign is an initiative by Strepsils about raising our voices against things which we know are absolutely wrong. But normally we ignore them and avoid them. It is like something is itching in our throat and we do not want to speak up. With #AbMontuBolega campaign we all can speak and be heard. A great initiative by Strepsils and I hope to see some changes in our country.

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