Where do we stand???

Having being mocked, teased, molested, scrutinized and cheated, I am woman who dares to stand up in this society and scream against those jeopardizing a woman’s respect and her life. I am a woman who believes only I can save my ass and I don’t need a man (be it a husband, brother or father) to do it. I am a woman who believes in equality and I offer my opinions when asked rightfully. I am a woman who believes in moral values and have the gut to fight a man if he misbehaves. I am a woman who says if you don’t speak today you shall always be deprived of your voice. Some may call me feminist, some may say I am hiding under the cloak of righteousness, some may even call me a coward every time I support women. Let me pause, where am I going with this post? I just want to know as women where do we stand? Are we actually misusing the power given to us? I have explained what kind of a woman I am and yet, the certain recent incidents are making me think over my own principles in life which I have believed so strong that I never let them go. 
If we see a man beating up a woman, we for sure will call him cruel and heartless and trust me entire world will go in her support. Some more news channels will ponder over the issue, make sure he gets arrested and women rights activists become a nightmare even to his relatives. And imagine we see a woman beating up a man, she gets bravery award from the President. 
If a woman shows off her private parts in public we call it fashion and for a man, who am I kidding, that liberty is not there. Of course he can be shirtless as long as he doesn’t grow breasts on them but what about other private parts? Can he flaunt it in public? We can’t even imagine that. But for a woman she can dress up in any way she wants and men are not even supposed to look at her !!! 
If a man holds a woman’s hand, he is being physical and she can even slap him and walk away but the moment a woman holds a man’s hand she is being romantic, seeking for some warmth and love and if he slaps her and walks away, he is a cruel son of a bitch !!!
We wanted equality but starting from bus seats to public sympathy, we are given more benefits than men. If boys meet an accident hardly anybody goes to help them but once when I fell from my scooty, nothing major in fact, entire public gathered. One man parked my scooty safely to the side, other man ran to get me some water and another man called for an auto and another man (who happened to be a doctor) did a quick medical examination. But this rarely happen with men!!! Why is it because men think we are weak or is it because we portray ourselves as weak and enjoy all the attention we get???  
Men are physically stronger than us, their hormones are more agitated may be (considering women get raped more frequently) but do they deserve what is happening in the city right now??? Parents are being advised to control their sons but daughters can do whatever they want??? I have always raised my voice when women’s dignity was in question but now men are at stake. The Indian mentality has become such that we always blame men for everything. And not only women, even men blame men and try to be an eye candy for women. 
Be it movies or serials, no man says “no” if a woman wants to sleep with them. That physical priority is always given to females. I am not sure if that’s how it works in real life. But if so, women are given a lot more advantage and men are always made to slog. In this fight of equality we are being given more privilege than we asked for. We are forgetting to look for the truth and blame men for everything. Inside a house, within a society men are always considered wrong. And are we happy about this? Like how we always say “it could happen to your mother or sister”, this could also happen to your brother or father. Some girl might accuse them of molestation or even worse. Just because we are given an advantage we shouldn’t misuse them at any cost. I believe truth should be given that advantage not gender.
I am writing this post after Rohtak incident. Well I don’t know what the truth is but there are two stories linked to it. I am not saying boys did nothing or girls were innocent all I am saying is they were arrested and are not allowed to write Army exams even before they proved guilty. Who am I judge this topic anyways (I only know the media launched truth), but all I say is truth should win the case !!! This post is not about Rohtak incident but it made me think if we are really doing the right thing. What do you guys think ??? 

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