Those dark brightened shadows
moved in with such ease
If death had failed them that night
time would definitely cease
Their toys when moved in action
death submitted in shame
A massacre of devotion and emotions
never sounded them lame
They barged in, stepping forward
to rule over the left over humanity
When the veil lifted, unravelling truth
they wondered at their vanity
The human race was extinct
except their pride, religion and blood
Countries without boundaries,
Holy books without it’s devotees
And rivers filled with mud
Now they looked around, to feel
the darkness they buried in their lives
Contemplating their actions 
of burning homes, slaughtering children,
raping sisters and selling their wives
“He” told there is an end to everything
to start fresh; to give a new definition
But as the dawn of apocalypse slid in
he promised to re-create earth
without a single human!!!

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