To my fellow bloggers!!!

I have been following Alok Vats for a while now and you can read his blog here:

His blog, at many instances made me question why do I blog? What do I want from blogging?
– Do I want to earn money through my blog?
– Do I want my blog to be famous and earn me fame?
– Do I want to be an established writer?
– Do I want to bring changes in the society through my blog?
What do I want?
 I don’t think I want any of these (may be a portion of the last one!!!)
I initially thought I was writing to kill time, but honestly, that is not true. Sometimes, amid the busiest days I try to write and some days I am just too lazy to write anything. It depends on my mood and when I started blogging it was only about myself. But now things have changed!!!
I don’t read and comment on other’s blogs to improve my readers and if I have read and commented on your blog then that means I genuinely loved your article and I felt it was worth my time!!! I know there are many more blogs and I can’t read  all of them but I try to read the ones whose authors have impressed me and with whom I have developed a bond in this virtual world. Tomichan Matheikal, Arvind Passey, Anita, Datta Ghosh, Gaurab, Narasimha Sharma Veturi, Maniparna, Indrani Ghosh, Mridula Dwivedi, Vinay Nagaraju, Anmol Rawat, Karan Sampat, Ravish Mani, Jithesh Prabhakaran are the bloggers whom I follow regularly and there are many more other blogs which I read when time permits. 
These people are the real reason why I continue to write. They excel at what they write which inspires me to write more. Their view points question mine and I am forced to think in another direction altogether. So, after 10 months of blogging (I can’t believe it as I normally get bored of everything very easily) I want to write more and read more and write more!!! Not because I am a great writer (I might not be a writer at all; I just scribble) but because these bloggers inspire me to write. These bloggers write about so many different topics that by the end of the day, I have something of my own to say. 
I say because people hear or maybe I say because I hear!!! Thanks a lot dear bloggers. You have no idea how you have motivated me and encouraged me through my difficult times. It is a wonder how one person influences the other even without seeing, how one person motivates the other even without saying, how one person shares the pain even without comforting, and how one person drives another person through life even without realizing. 
Now if somebody asks me why do I blog, I tell them I just want to be that hope and inspiration to some broken heart in need. There is no better cause, isn’t it???? 

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