Har boondh me sachchayi…

Just yesterday when we bought a bottle of kinley mineral water, my niece asked me if I have seen the new advertisement and I said yes.. but for some reason I always got to watch only half of the advertisement and hence, my niece told me the story behind. I instantly liked the whole idea and watched the video on youtube. After few hours I get an email about the new contest and what are the chances it is conducted by kinley!!!!

Before moving further you must take a look at the new kinley mineral water advertisement :

My husband following the footsteps of Dr.House often tells me that everybody lies and I do agree but as a responsible adult I prefer not to. I try my maximum to tell the truth and lie only to protect somebody’s emotions. Funny part is I was never like this in the past. I used to lie so frequently that there were days when I believed the lies were infact true.
However, I have grown from those experiences which has made me a better person today.

My best kept lies :

1. During my 11th standard I had lost my gold bracelet during sports event. It was expensive and my dad, knowing how irresponsible I was, warned me not to wear it. Like always I did not pay heed to his advice and like he predicted, I lost it. Then I was really scared to inform my dad imagining all the scoldings, beatings and added sarcastic comments with a bonus of “I told you so”. And I never told him until one day, when he saw my barren wrist and asked me about the bracelet. I had a PhD in lying so I told him listening to his wise advice I had kept it safely in my cupboard. Years rolled by and he never saw the bracelet again and whenever he enquired my hear beat would accelerate making me live in constant fear. After around 5 to 6 years one day my dad insisted on seeing the bracelet and I was forced in to telling the truth. My dad surprisingly didn’t get angry at all. He only told me I shouldn’t have lied to him. And within seconds the fear which was haunting me for years had evaporated and I wondered if lying was worth the constant tension I was in.

2. I had scored considerably low in my biology paper in 12th standard 1st sessional exam. Ideally I should have got the report card home but once again out of fear I told my dad I lost my report card and forged his signature. For months he kept asking me and I kept lying to him. One lie led to another and that led to another and by the end of the year I had created a mess for myself. That whole year I couldn’t even concentrate on studies as I had to cover up my track of lies and finally ended up scoring very low on my 12th board exams. I wish I had told him the truth. He would have scolded me but I am sure I needed it at that time. I would have definitely scored better in final exams and lived tension free.

It is not uncommon to lie but it is very important to understand the impact of these lies in our life and in others. One lie leads to another and the chain never breaks. Because of my past experiences I decided never to lie and today I am a way better person. I sometimes do lie even now to protect others but never to endanger anything. 

Like it is shown in the kinley advertisement Lying makes us nervous and unable to sleep due to guilt of lying to our dear ones. It may help us in getting through difficult times but never through the worst. It is like pain killer tablets which gives only temporary relief but not permanent solution.

So my advice to everyone “never lie and live without fears”. 

This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger HappyHours in association with kinley. http://www.coca-colaindia.com/products/kinley_water.html

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