Death is beginning

Heaven or hell?, were my last thoughts.

Or what if I wander in streets like a lonely ghost and scare those young couple getting cosy in a dark alley

I wasn’t scared of death but my punishment in the name of after-death or call it afterlife?

That night when I drowned, my lungs crammed with water I only hoped somebody would find my body and cremate. With every drop entering my lungs I fought to live; life was a nightmare but I never wanted to become one.

I opened my eyes and found on a soft bed with rose water smell tickling my nose. It was heaven, I assumed. But it wasn’t!!! It was earth and I was alive, just in another dimension. The same streets had different names and same places looked unfamiliar. There was never a hell or heaven or ghost. People never really died. They just walked in to another dimension, another world inside a world.

There was marriage, children, education, science and also, a door to go back to earth and be born as somebody else.

Some people did but most stayed here. As this place had no terrorists, no thieves, no murders, no rapes. People lived in harmony. And those who couldn’t were sent back to earth immediately.

People here often say, “You die and then you realize what you truly are.”

And now I know, no matter what I did back there, I am not ready to go back to earth.

It is peaceful here.

Submission to the IndiSpire topic #DeathisBeginning

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