Secret agent Mr. Litterbug!!!


With Swachch Bharat Abhiyan making the headlines, Litterbug was shivering!!! It felt like a female anopheles without malaria parasite. “What do I now??? I have been thrown out of many countries, but India has never let me down. But if the people of India develop a strong head towards sanitation, my bite won’t affect them. I will definitely visit Siddhi Vinayak temple if they don’t grow immune to meLitterbug prayed heartily. 
Litterbug was born out of humans centuries ago and if somebody asks its age, it has no idea. It has been living for ages, sincerely corrupting those minds which are already corrupt. Its favourite hobby is to inspire people to litter so that all its distant relatives can be born and their family tree further nurtures. For doing this noble cause, Litterbug has been awarded many a times in the past but now it is scared. Especially, with all this celebrity attention the campaign is getting, it is sure to become a hit and in generations to come people will grow immune towards Litterbug and poor bug would be court-martialed. 
Right when the bug was having a cerebral-vascular accident, a man saved its hope by spitting right in front of it. Ah, Indians!!! “Indians are large at heart and they won’t crush my dreams and future just for some campaign. More over Indians are born lazy and hence, my effect lasts longer on them. Looks like my work isn’t going to be any difficult after allLitterbug was definitely hopeful. It decided to relax its mind (or maybe take its mind off Mr. Modi) and take a city stroll. 
The same garbage cans overflowing with dump and dogs climbing it like Mount Everest, the same old modern art on the walls by tobacco chewers, the same old cow dung to human faeces on alleys, the same old quarrels about men spitting from buses over bike riders, the same old humans throwing banana peels, chocolate wraps, Pepsi cans, the same old ladies throwing water into roads from balconies, the same old saga of littering. Litterbug felt alive, literally. 
Once the Litterbug had inspected the current situation, it relaxed and murmured, “No Modi or Bachchan can suck my effect from people’s blood. The world is worried about Ebola, but nobody has the slightest clue of my existence. I am far more dangerous and by poisoning slowly, I will be the cause for this world to end. The world belonged to us before it decided to install humans. And now, they have planted me back in here to eradicate humans from our world and rule once again. Let them quarrel with each other over boundaries and religion, meanwhile I will slowly work towards my noble cause and snatch this world from them. No doubt I will be qualified for a Noble Prize in near future” Litterbug guffawed
Then, the Litterbug flew up to the tree top and smirked at humans with pride, day dreaming about Nobel Prize. 

This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger HappyHours in association with The great Indian an initiative by Times of India.. for more details check their website and sharing this video to spread some laughter


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