Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!

Last month Sandy nominated me for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” and I am still wondering if my blog can inspire others!!! Being this my first virtual award (hurray), I am touched by the fact Sandy nominated me as she is an incredible blogger.

* I am so sorry for the delay Sandy and looks like you have already got your second award before I responded to my first. Highly irresponsible on my part!!!!

So, the first task after receiving this award is of course to thank Sandy for nominating me and all those readers who take some time out of their routine to peek through my nonsense. Second task is to mention seven points about me (only seven???) and here it goes :

1. I am talkative, in fact garrulous. Blogging started as a by product of talking!!! I talk endlessly with family, friends (ah! the crazy phone bills) and of course with my husband so much that I don’t let him talk. Never!!! And when nobody is around I talk to myself, sometimes arguing and sometimes role playing (I have done many interviews of superstars so far!!!). And when I am bored with that, I open my laptop and blog, loudly spelling out words. Gosh, why can’t my vocal cords rest???

2. I am emotional and weepy. An extra word in a sentence by my husband makes me weep. An extra tear in movies makes me weep. Tailless dogs makes me weep and homeless beggars make me weep. Difficult to drape saree makes me weep and burnt sambhar makes me weep. I am a big time weeper. My husband still wonders how can I store so much liquid in me!!!

3. I am a fashion disaster. I hate shopping, make up and accessories. I can’t understand “what goes with what” concept and end up dressing like a nun. If Sonam Kapoor ever spots me, she is going to burn me alive and send me to hell!!

4. I am colour blind. Women are meant to identify many colours but I can only identify basics with clear distinction. If you talk about beige, peach, magenta, sorry to hurt your feelings, I will walk away.

5. I am a sleepyhead. I sleep all the time. In college, I slept during classes, in between classes, during lunch break and definitely at night. I need proper undisturbed 8 hours sleep in the night and some short sleep sessions during day time. If I don’t have anything important to do, I can sleep all day and dream. Not sure if I enjoy sleep more or dreaming!!!

6. I am forever hungry. I live to eat. Some may call me foodie but I am not. I don’t experiment with my food. I like my usual crap but at regular intervals. The same old Indian food tickles my taste buds. So far I have never tasted Italian,  Mexican or real Chinese (except Manchurian prepared by Indian chefs with tadka). I don’t want to take the risk of eating wrong food and being hungry for some more time.

7. Most importantly, I am a women with principles. After a phase of wrong decisions (which I am not proud of) and endless mistakes (again not proud) I have reached a phase in life where I am applying my learnings in to real life. I make sure never to bend my principles and stick to it no matter what. After all when people point finger at my mistakes, I can happily say “it is because of my mistakes I am here today” or “I am what I am today because of my learnings in the past” and flaunt how lucky I am to have committed them!!!

So, here are seven exclusive points about me. And now I take the privilege to nominate few bloggers who have inspired me to write more. A big thank you to all you guys for your encouragement –


So, looks like my work is done here!!! Happy writing guys and everybody say a big “thank you” to me before you begin 🙂

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