Come a bit closer!!!

He called her outside. She was busy at a college party wearing a slightly transparent cream top with denim. She looked hot and beautiful from every angle. Everyone in her college wanted to propose her; many did but failed miserably. Nobody could ever impress her, but yes, he had succeeded to a certain level. As for her, he was good looking and Punjabi, she always had a thing for the Punjabis, but she was not certain if it was love or something else like infatuation, crush. Whatever it was, she was sure about not falling for this guy or any guy and jeopardize her studies. She wanted to focus on  career and not love. 
She quickly typed him back ” sorry, college fest. Can’t come out”
He replied “If you don’t come out I will come inside”
Now she was tensed. Least she wanted was her classmates to find out about this. She was scared and nervous. She decided to go out and meet him, just to send him away. 
When she walked down the stairs, she looked every bit of an angel he dreamt of. She was the one, he knew. And that evening he was going to ask her out on a date on Valentine’s day. This is the first step, he thought!!! 
“What do you want?” she seemed furious
“If you wish we can talk here and be caught by your friends or hop on I will take you somewhere where nobody can find us”
She hardly knew this guy but admired his gut for asking her to take to a place “where nobody can find them”!!!
“Ok, I know a place and I will guide. You just ride.” she blurted out being anxious. 
While sitting behind him, she realized he not only looked good, but also, smelled like a piece of heaven. She craved to keep her hand on his shoulders or may be, hug him. He was so attractive that she couldn’t control herself. She slightly leaned over him in the pretext of talking to him and said, “this is not the route to the place I suggested. Are you by any chance kidnapping me?”
“May be. You will just have to wait and hey, you can lean on me and talk throughout the ride”
She blushed!!!
The place was called “Lover’s point” and that evening, it looked entirely different. That barren dark place in the city was lit by floating battery lights and a table in the middle of nowhere was reserved for them. She was enchanted by the beauty he had created on this land – magical, enigmatic. She got down from his ride and sat on the chair, still mum, soaked in his charm. He brought a cake, which had “will you be my valentine for life” surrounded by candles and placed it on the table. She was shocked. This undoubtedly was the best proposal she ever got. However, she was too reluctant to be in any relationship. 
She silently walked near his bike and sat on it, confused, half-minded, dazed. He was torn between her silence and his curiosity. He was sure that this would work on her, but then he smiled as he knew she was different from many other girls. He walked up to her and sat behind her and leaned over and asked “What is the problem?”. 
“I am confused. My heart says just go with the flow. Love him like you have never loved anybody and my mind says you hardly know him, what if he leaves you broken. I don’t know what to do”
“I can help you to get an answer. Just close your eyes” and she did.
He slowly got down from his bike and looked at her beautiful yet naive face. He wanted that face, that girl to be his forever. Just going by his inner gut, he walked towards her, very close and kissed her lips. She was taken by surprise with a sudden thought “Oh my god! How can he smell so good?” and he was expecting to be slapped. 
Then he asked, “Things are clear now?” with a sweet smile on his face. She knew he had nailed it. She said “yes” and kissed him back passionately. 
“Hmmm, that means you will be my valentine” he asked again
“Hmm, let me think” She giggled and said yes, so loudly that the entire lover’s point witnessed their beginning that evening. 
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