Go sleek!

My husband wanted to buy me something. A gift! Surprises are not his cup of tea and like always he asked me prior what I wanted as a gift for Valentine’s day. I am super bored with my laptop which I have been using for the past six years (after changing battery, charger, keypad) and hence, I decided to have a new laptop. Whereas my husband said I already have a laptop (which is still working) and so, I should get a tab for myself, which he can use as well (selfish!!!).  Ultimately, we decided on ASUS Eeebook X205TA which is more like an amalgamation of laptop and tablet. I was getting a new laptop/tab that too at a very reasonable price of 14,999.
So, why did I choose this gadget over others?
1. Price becomes a crucial factor while buying gadgets. I have paid around 40,000 for my current laptop and for the price that I have paid, I am obligated to use it for 5 to 6 years. And due to this, I can’t upgrade to newer ones. So, from here on I have decided to spend less and use for a year or two and every time some new gadget appeals to me I would have enough money to buy one.
2. ASUS EeeBook X205TA looks very chick and I loved the outer appeal of this product. Very sleek and stylish, I must admit.

3. It weighs under 1 kg and hence, very easy to carry while travelling. Now a days my backpack almost takes the cabin baggage limit. So, this new gadget will allow me to carry 6 more kgs with me.
4. 12 hours of battery life intrigued me the most. So, while travelling I can watch my favourite movies and work uninterrupted throughout my journey.
5. Being so light and compact, this product also offers 2 GB RAM with Atom Quad Core processor. Fascinating!!!
6. The added advantage of this product is, it comes with a one year subscription to Microsoft office along with 1 TB of online cloud storage. Now that is something different, isn’t it?
7.  It also allows 500 GB of web storage and allows to synchronize data between all personal devices.
8. The Chiclet keyboard also adds as an additional factor for me to pick this product. I have a laptop with a traditional keypad design. A chiclet keyboard’s keys are rectangular in shape with rounded edges as compared to the slanted edge keys featured in traditional keyboards. One main advantage to a chiclet keyboard is that with the keys having a slightly larger area, there’s a smaller chance of hitting the wrong key.
There were, however, two drawbacks :
1. The in built memory was too less. In this era of 500 GB minimum memory,  ASUS EeeBook X205TA provides only 32 GB inbuilt memory and expandable memory of 128 GB. So, it becomes essential to carry your external hard disk whenever you travel.
2. It comes with a 11.6” display which is quite small compared to what is available in the market today.
I would have appreciated it more, if the inbuilt memory was more and the display was bigger. However, apart from these two drawbacks I very much liked this product and asked my husband to buy this.
Well, I have written this post so that my husband reads it and decides to get this one as a valentine’s day gift J Indirect and modern and of course, creative ways of asking for gifts!! 
This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger HappyHours in association with ASUS. 
Do you want to buy some cool ASUS products??? You can check these links :
And let me know guys which product appeals you the most!!! 

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