Let me first begin with my Quikr experience.
I have bought and sold stuff through quikr.com. Let me start with my “selling experience” –
Last year may was quite hot in Manipal. Hence, peaceful sleep at night became a myth. We (me and my husband) tossed around, unable to sleep all night and feeling sticky with dripping sweat made us puke. We just wanted to escape from the heat. There was a small problem, we were staying in my parent’s house. We couldn’t buy an AC as my dad wouldn’t allow for us to pay and we were not comfortable in making him spend so much money just for one week’s comfort. So, we pushed ourselves but gave up at the end. Finally, we visited a nearby store and after about an hour’s discussion we decided to not buy air conditioner but an air cooler for 7,000 rupees. It was a reasonable deal for us. However, our joy significantly reduced in the night, when air cooler couldn’t help us from sweating!!!! And next day, my dad bought a new air conditioner without accepting our money!!!
We were left with a brand new air cooler with absolutely no use of it. I clicked few pictures and uploaded it on quikr.com. That was my experience with quikr. I wasn’t sure if people actually buy it through quikr or not!!! I gave my dad’s mobile number (just to be on a safer side) and husband’s email id. Then people started calling us, emailing us and finally after ten days we sold it for 6,000 rupees. We were all happy by the end!!!
Now let me tell you my “buying experience” –
During my air cooler selling process, I came across a guy who was selling some good collection of books. I decided to buy some James Bond series and contacted him through my dad’s phone. Once again, I wasn’t comfortable in sharing my number. There were few pictures on quikr which were not very clear. I was doubtful about the condition of books. My husband told me I should give it a try as I wasn’t paying a huge amount. I had to call this guy frequently and discuss and then, finally I decided to buy them. Once again, quikr made my day, as the books were in good condition and definitely, worth the money I paid. 
What were the problems faced during my buying and selling phase?
1. I had to call people and spend my money on it!!! 
2. I wanted to see more pictures of the product. But I couldn’t do it as my dad’s phone doesn’t have whatsapp and I was not comfortable in giving my number
3. I was scared that the person might not courier books at all after the bank transaction. He is from Bangalore and I had transferred the money to his account even before I got my books. Well, that was the risk I had to take.
4. During selling, I wasn’t comfortable in talking to strangers. I was scared that once they hear a female voice they might just start calling over and over again to trouble me. 
Why I think chatting is more preferable than calling –
1. All my messages would be stored and nobody can back stab me now!!! Once the final amount is decided, nobody can take a step back saying they never said so!!!
2. During buying, I wanted to see more pictures of the product. Now they can share as many pictures as I need through Quikr NXT and I can be sure if to buy the product or not.
3. It is awesome for people like me who are not comfortable in talking to strangers. Only through chatting, pressing few buttons on key board a deal can be confirmed!!!
4. Once we post an advertisement (especially when we are desperate to sell them) we make a point to pick up calls from unknown numbers even while driving. At least I did!!! With the chatting facility on board, I can chat with people at my own convenience and I definitely need not get hyper whenever phone rings.
5. Of course, chatting even in other situations saves a lot of money. Before all these chatting applications, my phone bill used to be very high. Now they are under control. I guess, nobody wants to spend money on calling strangers. So, chatting definitely gets an upper hand here. 
No doubt, our next destination is Quikr NXT. NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKR!!!!
If you want to buy or sell anything (except your wives/husbands!!!) or want to try out their new chatting application, please click the link given below:

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