Reliving Sholay!!!

Happy Valentine’s day guys!!!!

This is my first valentine’s day after marriage. Theoretically, the second one but first time having my husband beside me. So, what’s valentine’s day special if you ask me, I must say Sholay!!! Being in a deserted Land of KSA, having no option of giving any surprises, my husband unromantically not believing in Valentine’s day, we decided to celebrate it by watching Sholay. A Bollywood movie which is famous for its dialogues and Gabbar Singh, of course. Having watched this movie like zillion times, knowing every dialogue by-heart I still decided to watch it along with my husband as he has not watched this movie. Hence, its a Sholay day for the couple !!!!
Every time I watch Sholay, my heart is filled with so much joy and happiness that I wonder what makes Sholay so different from other Bollywood movies. Here are my observations which makes Sholay, a classic –
1. Characterization of every individual is distinct, humorous and unique. May be Gabbar’s husky voice and perky laughter or Veeru’s flirtatious nature or Thakur’s nasal voice (Am I the only one to feel that?) or Jai’s serious yet funny attitude or Basanti’s high pitched “dehati” style. 
Basanti - Tangewalli in Sholay
2. Sholay is known for its dialogues. For every five minutes, there is a missile of great dialogues being launched. Even dialogues like “Itna sannata kyu hai bhai” creates a special place in your heart. 
“Tumhara naam kya hai, Basanti?”
“Kitne aadmi the?”
“Are oh Sambha, Ye Ramgarhwale apni bahu betiyon ko kaun Chakki ka pisa aata khilate hai re?. Thaari ke hath paun to Dekh! bahut karare hai saale”
“Yeh hath hum ko de de Thakur”
Arre O Saambha… kitna inaam rakkhe hai sarkaar ham par?”
“Basanti in kutto ke samne mat nachna”
are definitely some of the famous dialogues which makes Sholay a special movie by itself. 
Basanti inn kutton ke samne maatt nachna - Sholay
3. Bollywood has never seen a villain like Gabbar. It is not about the heroes but the villain who makes Sholay different. A villain who cracks jokes and fires awesome dialogues (who made Sambha, Kaliya famous) and kills people after making them laugh their heart out, no doubt deserves an applaud. 
when ur ex gf marries a guy more poor n uglier than u
4. Sholay also portrays two different, silent and loud, love stories. I just love the chemistry between Veeru and Basanti, and Jai and Radha. If one couple doesn’t get tired of teasing each other, the other couple defines relationship on mutual respect. No wonder they are married to each other in real life!!!
5. And of course, how can we forget the action sequences of Sholay. I enjoy the 70’s Bollywood action style. The funny part of the movie is, when Thakur’s entire family is being killed nobody is hurt, nobody is bleeding but they are shot and they all die!!!! I know it kind of sounds silly, nonetheless, these moments bring out the Bollywood essence which we cherish!!!!.
6. Who can forget the songs of sholay??? Be it Helen’s mehbooba o mehbooba or yeh dosti or mein nachungi or the famous Holi song. Emotions and masala rightly weighed and mixed!!!
7. Heart touching friendship of Jai and Veeru has become the basis of many movies in Bollywood since then. 
this has nothing to do with birthdays i just really love sholay
I still enjoy watching Sholay and wouldn’t mind spending my Valentine’s day on it. 
How many of you are Sholay fans here???? 
P.S : All the gifs are downloaded from various sources via google.

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