My new Valentine!!!!

“For me, every day is Valentine’s day!!!”

 I guess, wives satisfy themselves by this famous quote when they don’t get to celebrate valentine’s day. Unromantic husband/boy friend or hectic job schedule or endless travelling, might not allow you to enjoy a day, which the whole world believes to be an auspicious day for Lovers!!! If you ask me, I fall under all the categories above – unromantic husband: check, hectic job schedule (not mine, but his): check, constant travelling (it’s him again): check and I have one more interesting fact to add – living in KSA: Oh damn!!!!
Since I began dating him, I have never celebrated Valentine’s day. Why? Because he doesn’t believe in it. Because he was out of India. Because I was stuck inside a house unable to organize anything. Because my life is in a mess!!!! Having forced to live separately and alone, I have found my peace in solitude. I enjoy being alone. I enjoy my routine. I enjoy watching movies/series all alone. I enjoy singing songs and dancing like nobody is watching (nobody would be watching anyway). Recently, I began to enjoy this “me time” and after watching the ASUS zenfone advertisement I have realized I am the best gift to myself. 
Here are my few realizations why ASUS zenfone is a better Valentine for life, than my husband (I am sure he is going to shoot me for this)
1.      Now a days husbands (universally) are so preoccupied in work they don’t even have time to appreciate their wives. I mean, we spend so much time decorating ourselves, glued to the mirror, just to hear “you look beautiful” but nah, that won’t happen any time soon. “If I start wasting time, who will pay for your cosmetics and clothes?” would be their response, when we interrogate.  Time is wasted, peace is lost and outcome of all the hassle is a big fight!!! I have decided to stop whining about all this. Just click a selfie and admire your beauty and if you want more, upload your picture instantly on facebook, instagram and viola, so many comments!!!! ASUS zenfone let’s me upload hassle free and I always look beautiful through its lenses!!!

Image result for I am beautiful
2.      Then there is this usual complaint which I am forced to listen.
“Seriously, how much do you talk? Don’t you ever get tired?”
“Stop repeating the same thing again and again”
“I am bored now. Can we change the topic?”
And this is my favourite –
“You always explain way too much. I understood it long back”
Hence, I have decided to talk less and make him realize the value of my speech!!! But so far, looks like he is enjoying and getting comfortable with the silence. I was not, however.
So, obviously once again ASUS zenfone scores here as it lets me talk endlessly with increased battery life and good streaming for video calling!!!

Illustration of a Woman Talking Endlessly - stock vector
3.      ASUS zenfone lets me live tension free!!! Wherever my husband is, I contact him through skype or message or call and I would breathe when I know, he is just fine!!! After all, a woman’s heart!!!!

No Love No Tension 240x320 freedom love
4.      Through ASUS zenfone I am connected to the outer world. People wish me on Valentine’s day or birthdays even when my husband forgets to do so. Some even send me surprise gifts and more than anything, in spite of being in a deserted land of KSA, I can send home gifts and wish them!!!

STAY CONNECTED: According to the latest figures, 1 in 27 people in the world have a Linkedin account.
5.      But the most important reason why ASUS zenfone is a better valentine because it never leaves my side. Whenever I am sad, I click a selfie or record a song or play some loud music and enjoy the evening. Even though I am alone, it never lets me be one.


So, it is official that I am living in a “mobile” world, always travelling and on most days away from my husband. There are no second guesses that ASUS zenfone is my valentine for life making me feel alive every day and special, of course!!!

*** This entire post is fictional. Any resembles to any character, alive or dead, is purely coincidental. My husband is the sweetest husband (I do not want to jeopardize my monthly pocket money for flipkart vouchers) and I do not own ASUS zenfone (it would be nice if they decide to gift me one). 

You can also check this video for getting some inspiration (for next Valentine’s day, may be) : 

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This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger HappyHours in association with ASUS zenfone.

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