The bucket list!!!

Life can get complicated, tangled or smooth as silk. But on this journey everybody gets their share of trouble. It may be losing someone, financial crisis or if our luck is bad then it is both!!! We, Indians have a different approach towards life. We don’t live in today, but we live for tomorrow. Indians are working all over the world, as we go out of our comfort zone to make money so that our future is secure and comfortable. Funny part is, even my father who is 63 years old doesn’t want to spend money now but save for his future. This future worries us and till we die, literally till the last day, we would be compromising on our desires to save for the future.
Dreams and aspirations differ with individuals. If my brother becomes wealthy overnight, he would still start up a business pursuing his ambition. If my sister becomes wealthy overnight, she would start her own garment factory. If dad becomes wealthy overnight, he would buy me a house and ask me to move back to Bangalore. If my father-in-law becomes wealthy overnight, he would buy shares and land and invest that money wisely. So, every person’s dream is different. Their idea is different. But becoming wealthy overnight will not give us a tension free life or satisfaction. We still want to work hard, earn our own money, enjoy our success and make our future secure.
Now becoming filthy rich overnight is not going to happen. Hence, me and my husband made a pact that we will work hard, save for the future, but unlike our parents and relatives, we will not compromise on the present. We have made of list of activities we want to do before we are old and gold. But fulfilling this is not so easy as money and time becomes a major constraint. If I have been given fifty years off  from my normal life, with sufficient money without having to think about the past, present or future, this is what I would do:
1. I would go on a world tour. Travelling has always been my passion. Even after marriage, we make sure to go on trips, but if it is allowed I would go on trips every weekend!!! I love to take long vacations which never happens due to money problems as we would have to quit our present jobs to take such long vacations. Me and my backpack would want to visit every country, every province in the world except Iraq and Syria and oh! Now Libya too!!!!
2. It is not only about going on world tours, but living in those places and learning their way of life. May be take some low pay jobs, work in a restaurant, meet new people and have interesting conversations with them. Make new friends in every city and not be so serious about life. It was always about studying hard, getting  a good job, earning money and saving them!!! What happens if I just take a low paying job and live in the present like people in the USA do? This is exactly what I would do. Explore life in each of the countries I visit.
3. Now that I am in these countries then I would want to try out all the adventurous activities like canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, Canyoning, rock climbing, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving and many more!!!  

4. I would want to focus more on my writing. I am a not great writer to earn my living out of it, but it is something which gives me immense happiness. I stopped writing for a few websites as it was difficult to manage with my full time job. May be once life is not about money and time and job, I would want to write about my travel and give more time to my blog. May be some day, I want to write a novel and for that to happen, I need to spend a lot of time in learning and improving myself. 

5. I want to have as many romantic days as possible with my husband. We were always in a long distance relationship and even after marriage things did not change as he keeps travelling because of work. Sometimes I wish he was in a different job, but changing job means lesser pay and insecure future. If future is secure and we have enough money, I would want to spend every single day with my husband. Be it travelling or adventurous activities or being a waitress, I want every day spent with my husband. After all, love suffers the most in this race towards money!!! 

Wow!!! I am so happy thinking about all this. I wish I wouldn’t have to worry about money, future, jobs. I don’t know if life is really so complicated or we make it. Why can’t I just live my life fulfilling my dreams and enjoy every single moment and die peacefully? Why can’t I spend my salary buying gadgets or eating or travelling? But like my dad always says, “Plan now and be tension free or else when you are old and have no money, Indian government won’t bear your expenses”. Hopefully, some day I will save enough money for the future and start exploring life. 

This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger HappyHours in association with IDBI federal life insurance. 

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