Sleep peacefully!!!

I don’t have kids. I don’t have any in hand experience, but have seen the plight of many mothers whose children don’t sleep at night. May be after seeing their situation, I am scared of having a baby!!! The most important thing in this world for me is sleep. I still can’t understand how somebody can compromise on their sleep to have a child. “Once you have a child, you will get the hang of it” is what my friends often tell me, yet, every day I pray to god to give me a child, who like me, loves to sleep all night (and all day if given a chance) and wake up as a happy dancing baby like the baby in this video!!!

My friend, I must add best friend here, who suffered a lot during the initial few years after delivery. She would look exhausted in the mornings and very tired. Her problem increased once her baby boy was six months old. He wouldn’t sleep till 12 am and woke up for every two hours. He would sleep during the day, be lethargic. And by evening all his activities would begin. She was worried and even I was, after observing how quickly she was reducing weight. Singing lullaby and telling stories were tried, but there was no difference in the sleeping time table.
 After a lot of discussion and planning, this is what she decided to do:
His bed time ritual started in the evening itself. As he would play more in the evening, she would sit with him and play along. She would engage him in a variety of activities. And when he would get tired, she would push him to play more. The idea was to get him so tired  that he would sleep immediately once on the bed. Adding to this, she started cutting down his afternoon bed time. In the evening, he would be extremely drowsy but she wouldn’t let him sleep. I have seen the boy dozing off while playing. The plan was working and her baby boy started sleeping for more hours in the night and catching up with the normal routine.
The regulars were also followed like a hot water bath before sleeping, applying some talcum powder, changing into comfortable clothes and of course, putting him in a diaper.  And yes, the baby started sleeping for more hours and comfortably. Our mission “make the baby sleep” was successful!!!
My one more friend also has a baby boy, but she has never faced any problem owing to his sleep. He would sleep undisturbed all night and wake up fresh in the morning. Nothing “extra” was needed to be done!!! Some lullaby, mother’s warmth, milk and the right diaper were sufficient for the boy. But some children have a lot of problem sleeping in the night and god bless their parents!!! When I asked my father, he said my mother normally sang a lullaby while making me sleep in a cradle made of a saree and without any issues I would sleep peacefully all night long. I hope my future kids also follow me!!!
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