Unspoken love….

Before reading this post, watch the video below which beautifully tells a tale of bonding between a father and his daughter :
I was not sure if I will be able to participate in this HappyHour conducted by http://www.hdfclife.com/. Hence, I thought of not writing a post to avoid the future disappointment. But after watching this video, I knew I had to write. Not for the HappyHour but for the happiness this video filled in my heart. It might have struck an emotional chord in your heart as well, but for me it was more than that. 
After losing my mother, my father became my world. And for him, I was the center around which his world revolved. Coming from a poor family background, he couldn’t offer me the luxuries as a child, but when his business grew I don’t recall a single day when he said “NO” to me. He wasn’t pampering me or spoiling me. He was always careful about my expenses, but tried hard not to burden me. He always said “I have struggled in my life so that you live a peaceful and happy life”. I am sure that’s how parents are. They work hard, they earn money, they save for us, for our future just to make our lives comfortable. 
During my college days, my college fees was hefty and I wasn’t sure if taking an educational loan was advisable. Some people insisted that I should apply for a loan as that would make me responsible in life. But it was my father who was very reluctant about this. He worked day and night and paid my college fees but never burdened me. Today, if I can think over my options and not worry about the loan, interest it is all because of him. 
He had a financial plan for me. He took care of my college fees and added expenses and made me financially secure. Most importantly, he also made me an independent person. He supported me at every step in my life, but never intervened. He always told me that it is my life and only I can take decisions. Starting with what dress to wear, which college to attend, which job to choose, whom to marry, was all decided by me. He just gave a nod. That nod sometimes was silent and sometimes limited to a few words of wisdom. These few words and tales from his own life inspired me to do better in life. He knew, all that needed was inspiration which guided me to walk in the path of learning and self exploration.  I don’t know if he is proud of me or not, but for sure he is not disappointed by me. He doesn’t express his emotions too much and hardly appreciate my hard work. But deep down, he knows, his daughter has learnt from her choices (good or bad) and that makes her independent. 
He never stopped me from doing wrong things or bound me by the rules, but, he let me fly and discover my own identity, my own land and my own freedom. If it’s not for him, I wouldn’t be the kind of person I am today. 
This post is written for IndiBlogger HappyHours in association with HDFC life. For more information and a secured life for your children, do visit their website  http://www.hdfclife.com/


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