A happy Soul…

The moment I saw his face, I was on cloud nine. Normally, I don’t like kids, especially the cranky ones. I often say “I love babies as long as they are others’. So, when they cry, call their mom”. But this child seemed different. He looked happy. He slowly looked at me and smiled and went back to his games. He was maybe four months old then, but looked taller and more active. He was crawling and slowly moving his cute butt while Hindi songs played in the background. That’s where I fell in love with him. 
I saw him closely for almost eight more months. He started babbling in front of me, crawling, standing and even walking. Actually, he never walked, he started running. And spreading joy in all our lives. 
Why did I like this boy so much, when I normally don’t get along well with other children? Here are few of my realizations-
1. He was an active child. In fact, over active. His activities never seemed to stop. Even when he started walking, he would walk less and run more and fall down. But get up immediately, look around smiling, run again. That made him different from most of the kids I had seen. He was never lethargic, but always doing something, always engaged.
2. He was a less cranky child as well. I have always seen him smiling. Not that he never cried, but once the mother held him tight, he would forget all his sorrows and smile again. He wouldn’t scream unnecessarily like most other kids. He wouldn’t make those shrill sounds which normally gives me a headache. 
3. He was very intelligent as well. Just when he was four months old, he would look at objects when we made corresponding sounds. He would immediately look at the cat when said “meow” and also, he was able to associate different objects. He would look at the bulb when we touch the “switch”. I have always had an admiration for smart people and so, I liked him instantly.
4. He was a very social child as well. He mingled with everyone and was very friendly. The only sad part was, he hated men, and he was extremely comfortable with women. So, he would get all scared and cranky if any man wandered near him. 
5. He loved Bollywood item numbers. He wouldn’t eat if Bollywood item songs were not played on the tab. He would be so engrossed watching it that he would forget the world and even forget that he was eating. As per my observation, he liked songs in which “women” were dancing and the only exception to his choice was “gangam style”. Apart from that he liked “Sheila ki jawani” and those pathetic Rani Mukherjee songs from the movie Aiyya. 
He was happy, handsome, smart and active child. Thanks to his mother for giving him the right kind of food and keeping him dry so that he would get a good night’s sleep. I am sure, if children are hungry or wet or insomniac, they would be cranky, dull and crying all the time. So, this one very important lesson I have learnt from her so that my future born is happy like him. 
*** Now he is a school going boy. And he has become cranky, stubborn and dramatic. He is learning how to manipulate his parents and get what he wants. May be it is time to put him back in pampers, so that he becomes a happy baby again!!!! 
This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger HappyHour in association with Pampers pants :  http://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pampers 

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