Start a New Life!!!!

I have always lived in comfort. My father made sure that I never lacked anything in my life and everything I desired was given to me even before I asked. Being a protective father, he was not very comfortable with me staying at hostels. And, even I wasn’t ready to put myself under the pressure of living somewhere far and doing all my work all by myself. So, I decided to pursue my higher studies in my home town. No hostel life, no bad food, no rats in the room. Life seemed fine and comfortable.
As the years passed by, I started to feel something was missing in me. I felt I had not seen life at all. Apart from the same old house, same old Scooty pep, same old roads and same old people, I was not exposed to anything in life. No challenges to challenge me or difficulties to question me. It felt as if I was completely dependent on my parents and had no life of my own. Hence, I decided to experiment with my life and break out of routine after college. I decided to move to Delhi and being a South Indian it was the most difficult choice for me. 
There were many people whom I had to convince and it was not an easy task. My parents, having heard many stories about Delhi, assumed it as the most unsafe place on the planet. And surprisingly, my college lecturers and Dean seemed more concerned than my own parents. Some assumed I was running away from my parents, some assumed it was because of a boy, some assumed I was chasing an ex, some assumed I had gone mad. But nobody understood when I said, “I am bored of this place and life. I need a CHANGE. I want to be independent and explore my life.”
When I landed in Delhi, it was more of a shock to me – Cultural and mental!!!! It was so different. It was overpopulated and crowded. Being brought up in a small town of Manipal, Delhi seemed impossible. I just wanted to pack my bags and go back to the comfort of my house. And the house in Delhi, was a single room, which was not clean with only a cotton mattress. I had no money to afford the luxuries of Delhi. I remember taking a cycle rickshaw ride to reach the bus stand, then taking a bus to Metro station, then after half hour Metro ride one more cycle rickshaw to reach my work place. Yes, I went through all this trouble just to experience something. So that I will be able to define myself better. Having the support of friends and their family, I slowly started getting adjusted to Delhi. Their food was different, their climate was different and also, their way of expressing. 
I too had, my share of bad experiences in Delhi. A drunk guy tried to molest me publicly and had to run away from there. An auto guy dropped me in some slum area saying that was the address I asked for. Irrespective of having gone through this, after three months, I was a different person altogether. I hardly fought with anybody publicly before, but after the Delhi experience, I have become ten times more brave and confident. Now, I can go anywhere alone and lead a comfortable life. Now, nobody can object or stop me. 
After four months, I travelled back to Manipal due to unbearable Delhi winter and a damaged nose which required immediate surgery. But for sure, this Delhi experience shaped me as a person and has helped me to move to Bangalore later and start over. This Delhi experience made me different from other people back home. This Delhi experience made me strong, brave, and courageous. I was a timid, homely, daddy’s little girl who grew into a bold woman after Delhi. 
Sometimes, these drastic measures teaches a lot of things in life. A new life, new house, new people, new environment, different cultures and new difficulties make you grow personally. Some people did not understand when I said, “I was bored of Manipal and I wanted to experience something new” but to hell with them, I am a better person today. So, change is warranted as it helps you to change your perspectives, attitudes and approaches in life. After all the only constant thing in life is CHANGE!!!!
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