Power of being together

I was going through a bad phase in life. Married but living away from husband was no bliss. I was constantly in tears and pangs of depression made my life miserable. I just wanted to be with my husband and wondered why God was not listening to my prayers. The visa processing was taking forever and I kept sulking at my bad fate. Even an optimistic person can also become pessimistic during the worst days, but I was never an optimistic person. I always saw the negatives in a situation and feared thinking about the worst. So, when my visa processing was getting delayed, I feared I would never be able to unite with my husband. I was completely low and needed an energy boost up.
Most of my friends were either busy or living abroad. I was never very close to my relatives and the people who were close to me were extremely busy, including my parents. Hence, I felt lonely in my own home town. I felt depressed and cried often. My husband did not know how to react to my mood swings as he was helpless too. I joined a few classes, but dropped out. I started cooking and burnt few vessels. I started writing, but the words seemed to run away from me. Yes, I was sad, lonely, depressed and disheartened.
During one such lonely day, I asked my niece and nephew to join me for a walk. As my nephew is interested in photography, I suggested we go to “end point” and click some pictures. I needed to get out of my house and take in some fresh air and talk to some people. Me and my niece had reached the spot earlier and my nephew joined in after his badminton class. We walked till the end of end point, clicked some pictures and were heading out, when we saw some college students organizing an event on the lawn. It looked interesting and hence, I suggested we attend that event. 
The event banner read, “Light up the night” and we had no clue about it. Thankfully, we had just sufficient money for the tickets and the event was lighting up hot air lanterns. It seemed interesting as we had never tried it before. The only problem was I was feeling little “old” for the crowd. The crowd was mainly college students who were having the best days of their college life. I, on the other hand, studied in the same university four years ago. I still would have felt comfortable if my friends were around. However, once the event started we were taken into a different world altogether. It was not the event which made me feel alive from inside, but the people around. The so called strangers made me feel happy from inside. The long lost happiness made its way back into me through those college students. 
Their happiness, their dancing spree, their friendship, their laughter, their brewing romances made that evening memorable to me. I knew I lacked everything what those college kids possessed, yet, their vision of life made me smile and laugh and enjoy and definitely come out of my depression. It is so strange how people affect our lives. I was going through a rough phase because I was away from my husband and a bunch of college students brought me out of it without evening realizing. 
I normally like to be alone, lost in my own world. But that evening I realized how important socialization is. Being part of a crowd, connecting with them brought back my smile. After all, that is the power of being together. Not necessarily with a known face or a known soul, but even with those unknown strangers who spread optimism and positivity through their smiles.
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