My share of happiness…

Happiness is a state of mind and as per my husband, any person can remain happy as long as he/she wants to be happy. But external factors do make an impact on our lives and we, subconsciously and unwillingly, become unhappy. Like the reasons for unhappiness vary from individual to individual, reasons for happiness can also differ!!! 
If some people find happiness amongst the love of family members, some may find it by earning fame and money, some may find happiness in materialistic things and some, like me, find happiness in those simple things which might not even matter to others. So here goes a list of things which makes me invariably happy. There may be many more to this list, but penning down those which comes to my mind when I think about being happy.  
 Family time makes me happy. My husband is often travelling and busy. Hence, whenever I get to send some time with him, chat, laugh heartily and watch a movie together, I feel my day is complete.
 I find happiness whenever my dad gives me a hug. It normally happens when I am depressed and crying. The moment he hugs me, there is a sense of comfort and protection and maybe that’s what makes me feel happy from inside for having such an adorable and loving father.
 All the animals in the world make me happy. I love it when dogs bark or even sneeze, I love it when cats curl and sleep with me, I love the way how cows moo and enjoy being scratched etc etc. In short, I love animals, even pigs, and so, whenever I am sad I spend some quality time with my cat. Their innocence and unconditional love, makes my soul happy.
I love travelling and visiting new places. If I am about to visit a beautiful place, then I don’t sleep for a week out of joy. I start dreaming about my vacation and counting days. I start reading about the place, its history and making itinerary. Travelling can never fail to amuse me and it always makes me extremely happy.
Eating good food makes me happy. Being a foodie, I love eating good food. I normally don’t experiment with food with the fear of eating something bad and spoiling my mood. Yes, it does happen to me. If what I eat is not good, then I get angry instantly. And whenever, I am in a bad mood, I go to my favorite restaurant and eat my favorite food to relax my mood.
Now a days surprisingly, cooking also makes me happy. I used to detest cooking before, but now whenever I cook something good, which is appreciated by my husband, I feel very happy. I have no words to explain that joy of victory.
Good, bad, small or big, any kind of surprises make me happy. During college days, my best friend made sure I get a surprise gift or cake, especially when I am least expecting it.
A good, peaceful sleep makes me extremely happy. I enjoy sleeping and can never get bored of it!!! While I get grumpy due to lack of sleep, I also become joyful after an uninterrupted sleep.
 Reading a good novel and learning some good vocabulary makes me happy.
Most importantly, writing a good article makes me happy. Whenever I write something which is appreciated by people makes my heart jump in happiness. 

There are many moments which makes me happy. Watching FRIENDS (TV series) make me happy, playing cards with family and friends make me happy, getting a new haircut makes me happy,  fighting for a right cause makes me happy, meeting some old friends make me happy, getting drenched in rain makes me happy, a long romantic drive makes me happy and so on. This list is endless, and I am happy about having so many things which makes me happy!!! 


Watch this video to re-live some of your happy moments : 



Check this link to find your sip of happiness :

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