Kellogg’s wale Guptaji ka nashta!!!!

First time when I met Guptaji’s crazy family near jogger’s park, I wanted to meet them once more. Their son Rohan is very naughty and cute. And of course, I had lots of fun with him. Guptaji’s wife, Shalu seemed very nice and invited me to their house for lunch. Being new in the neighbourhood, I agreed to their invitation, only to realize later I had committed a sin!!!
When I told, kitkit aunty next door about my plans of going to Guptaji’s house for lunch she was shocked.
“Oh my god, betaji. Why aren’t you going there for nashta (snacks)? You are going to Guptaji’s house for lunch? It is unbelievable”
And when corner gali wale Popla uncle got to know about my lunch plan, he guffawed. He said, “Finally, Guptaji found someone to invite for lunch. Otherwise nobody visits them for lunch and Shalu often complains about it”.
I was seriously confused. I mean, why wouldn’t anybody visit Guptaji’s crazy family for lunch? So, I called kitkit aunty and Popla uncle home to clarify my doubts and when they explained about the mouth watering “nashtas” prepared by Gupta family, I decided not to visit them for lunch but for their exquisite, unique “nashta”.
Now, my menu is ready and I have already called up Shalu asking her to prepare it for me. She sounded a little sad for cancelling the lunch plan and was equally excited to prepare her kellogg’s nashta for me.
Item 1: Line pe laane wala nashta
I chose this snack mainly because I love all the key ingredients. It is made of Kellogg’s corn flakes, tomato and onion and cheese. Me and my husband, we both love cheese. The entire concept of crunchy corn flakes and onions with soft, juicy tomatoes with a flavour of cheese, made me drool over this “nashta”.
Sounds yummy? Then check out this video to prepare your own “Line pe lane wala nashta”



Item 2: Best tiffin wala nashta
Cornflake coconut laddoo, is very easy to prepare and definitely, looks very yummy. I chose this “nashta” because it has lots of dry fruits and tell me, who doesn’t love a tasty, healthy laddoo? My husband loves sweets and so, one sweet dish has to be included in my menu.
This recipe is very simple to prepare and less time consuming. Check this video to prepare Corn flake coconut laddoo.


Item 3: Remote wala nashta
I feel the menu is incomplete without a healthy drink. Hence, I chose almond, coconut shake.  The best part about this shake is it has chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream and also, the richness of coconut. Blanched almond makes it healthy and tasty. There is one more reason why I chose this “nashta”. I am more curious to see how Kellogg’s corn flakes blends along with these other ingredients.
If you want to try this recipe, here is your video:
My menu is ready and I have already informed Shalu about my favourites. So, today evening we are going to Guptaji’s to have some yummy snacks. I seriously never knew so many dishes can be prepared out of Kellogg’s corn flakes. If I knew, I would have tried many of them by now and people would be drooling over my “nashtas”. Now I will definitely learn all the interesting recipes from Shalu and Chef Ajay and prepare some yummy snacks for my husband. 

By the way forgot to ask you guys, 
“when are going to Guptaji’s for nashta?”


For more recipes, click on this link and discover a whole new world with Kellogg’s corn flakes :  
And if you want to meet the crazy Guptaji’s family, check this video: 


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