The "Dementor"

Of course, we all know what dementors are!!! After all being a die hard Harry Potter fan, nothing scared me the most than those foul soul sucking hooded creatures. All my life I have been consciously waiting for the entry of a dementor to suck the soul out of me. I believe, everything depicted in Harry Potter has a real life meaning attached. Starting from Dumbledore to Voldemort, I have experienced my share of “Harry Potter” so far!!! But, it’s only been three months since I have become a captive of a dementor and it has sucked my soul, my good spirit so much that I am unable to recognize myself in the mirror.
So what happened three months ago? Where did I meet my dementor?
Three months ago, on January 17th, on the most inauspicious day, I shifted my base to Saudi Arabia. A land where I had been travelling frequently and hence, had no qualms about moving. But things have changed in the past three months. I define KSA as colourless for people who are not very spiritual from within. It is a place which doesn’t offer anything to improve the “fun quotient” in life. Definitely, it does provide a lot of options for shopping and eating, however, life becomes monotonous after a while.
Being away from family and friends is still manageable, but after a certain age when you can’t even make new friends quickly, it gets lonely without them. This loneliness starts hovering over you day and night, slowly taking that ignited spirit away. From day 1 to day 90, I have seen myself regressing from within. On the contrary, physically I have been putting on in all directions due to lack of exercise. I stay very close a street which is meant for walking and jogging. But I am hesitant, thinking about my plight of jogging wearing a burkha!!!!
Life becomes so comfortable here, that you don’t want any challenges or struggle in life any more. What people do here is – eat, sleep, shop and yeah, at times they work. This comfortable life has made me extremely lazy that even ten hours of sleep becomes insufficient for me. I have begun to cook only easy dishes which consumes less energy and time. I spend most of my time crouching on the sofa, looking at my facebook account and doing nothing!!!! The sad part is, I have become too lazy to write (this is my first post in the last one month) and even, read. Three books are half read and I am finding it impossible to finish them.
Basically, I can’t read, write, work or even think properly. All I do is eat, sleep and eat, sleep and cycle continues…
Recently, after an hour long discussion with my husband I have realized this country is my dementor. It is slowly sucking out all my positive spirits and turning me in to a stiff. I have no aims or goals, I have no expectations from life, nothing to achieve, nothing to look forward to and if somebody asks me what my future plans are, I have no answer. But at least now I know what was wrong with me and I have decided to ward off my dementor saying “expecto patronum” and regain the spirit I have lost.
A new country, a new culture can change your life style and thus, affect your overall personality. I always thought, the real challenge is to live and adapt in a new country. But now I have realized, the real challenge is to not lose yourself when you are exposed to a new place, new culture. I am pulling myself together and holding my spirits tight. I am sure, this dementor will return again but this time I will be ready with my magical wand and a spell to throw it out of my life forever.
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