Independence day resolution

I understand we all have some memories associated with Independence Day. After all we have studied extensively about Bhagat Singh to Gandhiji to Chandra Shekhar Azad in our history classes. We by hearted the Jallianwala Bagh massacre to Dandi March cribbing about the dates and numbers for our history exams. As a kid, I loved Independence Day mainly because we got to do something different on that day. Who likes boring classes any ways!!! It would be a half day with flag hoisting and march past and of course, how can I forget the yummy laddoos!!!
As I grew up, I studied more science and less history but strangely, every event/person associated with history began to leave a mark on me. I read more about freedom fighters during my college days when I was supposed to study the cross-sectional diagram of limbic system. I felt more connected with the lives of freedom fighters and as a person, who cried for not having born in the US, started developing an extreme attachment towards India. Whenever I heard patriotic songs, my eyes would moisten and a strange feeling of doing something for the country arose. It’s been at least six years since the birth of that strange dose of patriotism but guilty me, I haven’t done anything for my country apart from showing love and respect through my words.
After my marriage, I realized I don’t really have to join army or politics or donate money to contribute towards the betterment of my nation. I modified my lifestyle and I stopped littering in public which I would do very often before. Now whatever I eat, I normally dump the remains in my handbag and throw it in to a dustbin. I would like to do few more lifestyle changes before I go back to India, so that I feel proud of contributing something towards the welfare my nation and I request all the Indians to do the same. Every bit counts!!!!
– I urge everyone to stop littering in public. Of course, there have been campaigns and rallies spreading awareness but I don’t know why people just don’t stop. In our school Independence Day celebration accumulated more wrappers and papers and balloons and we littered more!!!! So, today I make a resolution to avoid littering and try to pass on this habit to everyone I know.
– My next resolution is to plant more trees whenever possible. I hate gardening, in general. But I have decided to spread more greenery in and around my house once I go back to India. After living in KSA, I have realized a dry country feels lifeless. I was so depressed when an entire kundel kadu (a small forest) was cut down in my home town. I can’t stop such havoc but I can try and plant more trees.
– I use a lot of water for my household works. I waste water and electricity profusely. My third resolution is to use water and electricity wisely and avoid any kind of wastage.
– My fourth and last resolution of this year is to make the next generation understand the real meaning of Independence Day. It is not just a holiday. It is a day because of which we can breathe freely in our own country. I feel the present generation kids have not understood the real value of this day. So, it becomes our responsibility to carry forward the tales and messages. After all, they are the ones to lead our nation in the future.
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New Year resolution toh bahut suna hai… So what is your Independence Day resolution? Are you trying to help your country by doing your bit? Share your ideas as to how we can make our country a better place to live in our own small ways…
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