The man in the house!!!!

Of course, all the women are familiar with the man in the house, could be a father or husband or that lazy brother who has forgotten his route to the kitchen or your all grown up son flaunting his new found attitude. Being from venus, I myself find it very difficult to understand their ‘mars’ness. After years of contemplating, I found myself a sweetheart. I have wondered many a times if I truly deserve this man (not being sarcastic here, if I minus certain aspects he is a true gem). My husband or shall I say, hubby darling, has often surprised me with his words and attitude and without a doubt, I credit it to the ‘mars’ness. 
About relaxing on weekends – 
He: Let’s watch a movie together. Weekdays are always so busy and we never get enough time. So, from here on, on weekends let’s not waste time on cooking and cleaning. Let’s just eat out or cook something simple. 
Me: I don’t get enough time to cook something nice during weekdays. When will I cook all these exotic dishes which I learn on the internet after hours of research?
He: Let’s try and do it on weekdays
After two hours,
Me: What do you want for lunch?
He: How about vegetable pulav?
Me: OK!!!!!
“Did somebody talk about relaxing on weekends?” 
By the way, after a chocolate cake with banana cream on top and a tava fried cutlet with toasted bread, Pulav was the third item on his request list within 24 hours!!!
On equality –
My hubby darling believes in equality in the house, which I am sure is a great thing. Indian men (at least most) don’t believe in this word at all. So, I was quite impressed when he spoke about this the first time before marriage. WOW!!! The lucky me, I thought. But what happens when equality becomes an obsession?
He: Come on, I can see there is less milk in your glass
Me: It’s fine. Just one sip, that’s all
He: NO!!! It needs to be equal. 
And in the process of transferring two tea spoons of milk, he drops one at the least!!!
So, after two years of marriage,
Me: You know what, I am done with equality. You can have more coffee or extra roti. I don’t care
Today morning,
Me: I have been working endlessly in the kitchen. You told me since we both work, household works would be divided equally.
He: You know what, I am done with equality
Me: Oh, Crap!!!!!
The movie conflict – 
My hubby darling believes that at least during weekends we need to spend time together, which no doubt is a good thing. But the problem is he never lets me do anything else and wants me to be a part of his plans. If he wants to watch a movie, he insists I do the same, along with him. 
He: Let’s watch a movie together
Me: I really want to write on my blog. I haven’t updated it since a month
He: why can’t you do it during weekdays? Come on…
Then I agree to demands and we both start looking for a good movie online.
Not-so-surprisingly, he ends up liking a Tamil movie which I don’t watch. 
He: Let’s watch this Tamil movie. It has Vijay in it (yeah that’s his reason for liking a movie)
Me: I don’t understand a thing and it doesn’t have any subtitles. Let’s watch something else.
He: Why don’t you write? After all you haven’t updated your blog since a month!!!!
Marriage is not a difficult thing at all, if you ask me. But living with a man is!!!! 
Nobody talks about the man in the house, who switches to a sports channel while we are watching a movie on TV, who makes the bathroom dirty just after 2 minutes of cleaning, who leaves the wet towel on the bed irrespective of telling it zillion times, who leaves the cupboard door always open (welcoming the cockroaches) and who then blames us for the bad smell, who hates doing dishes and who doesn’t know to cook (they escape so easily), who doesn’t know how to console us when we cry but wants us to speak the right words when they are sad!!!
And they send jokes about women and hormones on what’sapp and we, women, shamelessly forward them!!!!


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