Owning a website – hiccups and hacks!!!!

I have always been in that emergency zone of walking before crawling and running even before standing. No doubt, I am born to fall, head over heels!!!!

In less than an year, with less than hundred readers on my kitty, instead of writing more often and complaining less about not having the time to vent out my frustrations through words, I decided to buy a domain and give a new home for the gibberish I write. I was all set to give a brand new look for my hobby or passion, whatever you may call, but something stuck me hard – the designing of the website.

What benefits people from para-medical professions get when it comes to technology? Seriously??? None!!!! The “yey I am getting my own domain” bubble busted right on my face, when I realized I didn’t even know what html actually meant. I had decided, and even innocently announced it on my fb page about the new website, which then started feeding on my ego. Finally, after all the umpteen futile attempts, I decided to spend some more money on designing a website.

My email to a web designer had a few highlights –

” My blog doesn’t make any money” – so, don’t empty my pockets!!!!

“I don’t know how to write specifications” – Well, do what you can!!!

“I need a blog exactly like this another blog, with some changes which I don’t know how to explain”

and some more syntactically correct sentences, with no obvious semantics, whatsoever!!!

I am sure, my web designer was in a dilemma for a few days as to what “this girl” really needs and to be honest, I had a vague image in my head which became more abstract with each day. So, finally when I got my website (which was like two months ago and I am still using blogspot), I was over the moon. My dream of having my own domain had finally come true. With joy clouding my eyes, I loved every design, every line, every word on my new baby. So, once my love at first sight started to become a horrifying reality, I realized the crack in our relationship!!! I wanted a wider post space, sharing buttons, different background, different color – a totally new design for my website. I slowly became disappointed, like always!!!

Changing the complete design would have costed me extra money, which I was not ready to pay. I did not have the time and knowledge to experiment to give a new outlook. I cried in silence as my new found love, my newborn baby was not even crawling, forget about standing without support. But, like they say – life isn’t easy, when I thought of accepting reality and start writing on my new website, it started behaving weird. I mean, weird – weird!!!!

It was hacked!!!!

Seriously??? In just three days???

Who the hell wants to hack my blog???

There are hardly anybody reading it nowadays!!!

But nope, once my web designer set everything right,  it was hacked again and again and finally, my password was hacked.

During this process of hacking and resetting, I designed my entire website again. I loved the final outlook (after 6 different trial designs) and finally, like a proud mother, wanted to boast about my creation, but then, my website was hacked again, which by the way is still in the “f*(ha)cked up” state!!!

My web designer’s hosting server was not safe guarded and they told me to host it under godaddy.com which again would cost me some money!!! I had paid them for designing my website and had re-designed everything on my own. My husband seemed furious. He knew this wasn’t going to give us any earning and this was just a craze. So, when I told him, we had to move the hosting server, he agreed but his eyes told me a different story –

“How many people even read your blog?”

“we need to be cautious with money; we have to build a house, travel”

“Why can’t you just give a new out look to your blog”

“How does having an own domain makes any difference to you”

But he said, YES!!!

After all the hassles, hacking and hosting issues, I decided to keep writing till my baby is born again. Yes, I will be getting my own DOMAIN (no more yey.. thinking about what I have to go through next) but till then, my blogspot is the safest zone.

Two months of waiting made me realize how much I love writing and how much I missed it. Once again, back on my foot, to start my unending journey of words.

***All images are downloaded from different sources via google!!!

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