Let this Valentine’s day be DIFFERENT!!!!

I hardly knew this game. Spent all my teenage-phase without having to shoot anybody or color anybody even during holi. I hated the concept. Shooting with colors!!!! I wondered, how ridiculous would that be???

And there comes my husband, one day, knocking our bedroom door, at the top of his voice screaming, “WE ARE GOING TO OPEN A PAINTBALL ARENA IN MANGALORE”

What the @#$*&!!!!

After almost two weeks since it’s kick start, I got an opportunity to visit the arena with my husband and a few friends. I was extremely skeptical about playing, and getting my hands dirty with blood (colors, I mean). So, like a loner, I stood beyond the fence and watched them play and kill each other and then refill the guns and play some more. To be honest, at that instance, I didn’t care about the colors or paint, I wanted to go there and shoot some people and make my husband’s team win. I was quizzical about their moves and how they should have ideally strategized their game. I so much wanted to be there, in those sexy gear, with a gun in my hand and a mask on my face. I know, I would have looked sexy even with these extra pounds hanging down my belly.

The day passed and the month. I left India and came back to my den, but the thought of me on that field lingered.

Now that Valentine’s day is around, I really wish I was in Mangalore fighting my husband on the paintball battle field. The roses and hearts are cliched.

Nowadays, we want something different and not-boring. So, here are my five reasons as to why you should be on a paintball field with your Valentine this Valentine’s day –

1. Women like to be treated like princesses, no doubt, but once in a while we also like to kick your ass. Instead of going through the same old Valentine’s routine of flowers, chocolates, cards and hearts, go to a paintball arena and do something exciting. Discover the passion, again!!!

2. As a couple you are always on the same side but try to be on opposite sides for a change and see who has got more muscle. Want to vent out the anger of your last fight??? Battle it out and see how amazing that feels.

3. And when you are trying to shoot each other, why don’t you break some rules and hug each other and get back to the game again. There is nothing more romantic than being adventurous. Be cautious of the referee though!!!

4. This Valentine’s, keep your sexy clothes home and try out the rugged look. The camouflage, gear, mask and the super sexy guns, will up your hotness quotient and trust me, you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off your partner. Don’t drool for long, as you will be left with little time to play the game!!!

5. Finally, we shouldn’t forget the adrenaline rush a game like this would give you. Couple or not, a kick is something we all desire.

After the tiring game, end your not-so-romantic Valentine’s day with a delicious ice cream (go to Pabbas) and watch a romantic movie (in city center, maybe).

Spend a day which you and your love will always remember.

Isn’t this enough for you guys to go to the paintball field in Mangalore and have some fun???

Check out their Facebook page for more details :

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