The day it all started

For the first post, I was super-confused. I wanted it to be honest (well, I want that for all my posts), nicely written,without any mistakes, and of course, a nice tale to tell. Does it ever happen to you that when you are sitting alone in the corner of a room, you have so much to tell to yourself, but when you open your laptop and start typing the first word, you can’t pick the best story? So, after all the hustle bustle in my head, I decided to start from where it all began…

Why would anyone want to be a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) or popularly known as Speech Therapist, when you can become a doctor or engineer? I believe life always has a a plan for you, and god started crafting my story when I started my 12th grade. Oh! what a horrible year that was. Like my hormonal overloaded body wasn’t enough to create a distraction, that year was all about fights/arguments/break up/health problems and what not. To sum it up, it was crazy and hazy in my head!!! The only negatives to all this crap was I scored way lesser than how much I could have scored. I will always believe I am smart!!!!!!

A confused girl, with not much parent intrusion, without any ambition or goals, without the reality of life, wanting to get in to any college (I mean, any college), got in to a course called “Speech Therapy” (I was like cool, I can learn sign language! agh, that was never in the syllabus) after being super confused and applying for physiotherapy, engineering, journalism,occupational therapy, business management, and a portion of the brain considering marriage! That is pretty sad, I would say, but these confusions led me to a place where I found myself, I defined myself, and I aspire to grow every day.

God has a big plan for everyone. I believe that now!!! So, this is my tale about how I joined a course which most people haven’t even heard of… How did you start your career? I would love to know.. maybe your story can be the inspiration of a person who is as confused as I was!

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