What do you do?

In this era of doctors and engineers and surrounded by relatives who make statements such as, “there is no course better than engineering” maybe because their kids are engineers, opting for a profession which people hardly know becomes very difficult. Even I didn’t know what Speech, Language Pathology and Audiology was all about. But yes, I had the basic idea about it. In the past eleven years people have asked bizarre and stupid questions, some of them I find extremely funny, some annoying and some insulting.
 I am sure after reading this post people in my profession will be able to relate well to the situations, people outside my profession will have a good laugh and people who still have no idea about what we actually do will stop asking irrelevant questions or acting smart!!!!
1. He – “So, what do you do?”
Me – “I am a Speech, language Pathologist and Audiologist”
He – Is it engineering?
Me – No
He – Is it a part of MBBS?
Me – NO
He – Then why are you doing it?

I smiled and thought “Because life is beyond engineering and medical”

2. She – “Hey, long time.. So what do you do now?”
Me – “I am a Speech, language Pathologist and Audiologist”
She (trying to be a smart one) – Oh!!! Is it? Lovely. I have see the news for deaf and dumb. It must be interesting to do sign language.
Me – ****facepalm****

My profession is way beyond sign language and interestingly we don’t even use it. We try other modalities of communication in case if you didn’t know.

3. He – “So, what did you study after 12th?”
Me – I did my masters in Speech, language Pathology and Audiology
He – so what are you called as? Doctors?
Me- No. We are not doctors. We are called as Speech, language therapists and audiologists
He – That is too long. I am asking what people call you? Doctor?

Me – facepalm + clenched fists!!!!

4. She – So children who come to you gets cured completely?
Me – First of all, we are here to help gifted children. We help them to be independent and improve their quality of life.
She – Oh!!!!! Then what is the whole point if you can’t cure them?

Me – Did you just hear what I explained????????

5. He – You profession is like a social service. Isn’t it?
Me – Yeah, in a way
He – Then you should give therapy for free

Me – I would if I could survive just on air!!!

6. There are some over smart people also in this world!!!
He – I know what you do. Autism, ADHD. I know everything about your profession. Given a chance even I could do what you do
Tells me a person who has done his BCom!!!!
Me – Oh is it? That’s great. I have a kid with severe dysphagia. Could you please help me out in preparing a therapy plan?
He – Dysphagia? what is that?

Me – That is something you didn’t know!!!!

7. This is my favourite of the lot.
She – “Do you work in a spectacle shop?”
Me – Hell, NO!!!
She – But I thought opticians sell hearing aids. Could you please explain what you do exactly.

Me – Double facepalm!!!

Now if anybody asks me what do you do? I ask them if they have watched the following movies – Black, tare zameen par, The king’s speech and I tell them I help these kinds of individuals. I even deal with stroke patients like Hritik Roshan in Guzarish or maybe autistic kid like Jhilmil and hearing impaired kid like Murfi from the movie Barfi. After all the bollywood explanation, I normally receive a different kind of regard. People have often told me, “wow, you do something incredible” and no doubt, it does feel good.

But once when I proudly listed all the movie names and a guy said, “sorry, I don’t watch movies. Could you please explain what you do?
 “Ah! Not again. Kill me!!!”.

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