The midnight story!

My brain – “It’s past 12 am!!!! Go to bed”

My eyes – “We can’t hold it any longer”

My body – “hibernating already”

My heart -“already beating in the resting mode”

Then why am I awake?

It is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I can’t stop a work mid way, but why would I start a work at mid night? Well, to my surprise I started my work at around 7.30 pm! School work? Nope. Moving things? Nope. Packing bags? Nope!

The task was simple – to copy the pictures from my iphone to my laptop (windows). Yes, that’s the highlight! Windows!!!! I started the process with itunes, no luck. Then tried my hands on icloud, no luck! Then, bought 50GB of storage data on icloud, yet no luck! After spending hours in trying to move my pictures to my laptop, I grew more obsessed and restless. Finally, the man of the house showed up to help. He did nothing (trust me, absolutely nothing) but viola, it worked. I was able to copy all the pictures in 5 minutes.

I could have slept then!!!

My OCD buddy said – “how can you sleep when your pictures are not organized in the folders?”

Damn right!

I started organizing pictures and copying them in to folders inside folders.

I could have slept then!

I couldn’t! The task was to empty my phone. Now the music player had to be emptied. And to all the lazy android users, who would select all songs at once and delete them, iphone wanted me to individually select folders and delete. I did for 175 songs!

I could have slept then!

But no!!!!! I saw a notification to update my phone. I couldn’t leave this task on hand. I started updating my phone which usually takes about 2 minutes, but today it took almost 15 minutes.

Now, it’s definitely time to sleep.

My brain – “I am awake. How about we finish the last progress report?”

My eyes – “Wide awake. Would love to watch an episode of elementary”

My body – “I am tired, but if all are awake I am in”

My heart -“Racing. Ready for a jog”

Are you guys kidding me?????????

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