There is always more to it!

Honestly, I have connected more with monica (from FRIENDS) in real life.  Things like I love rules in a game and I never play it just for fun, I want to win every time, I have OCDs, I want everybody to like me, etc etc are the sisterly traits we both share. So, yeah I am a better version (giggles) of her. But just five minutes ago, I realized I behave a lot like the crazy Phoebe Buffay. Why? Why would I say that? Phoebe has no qualities which I just mentioned above. She is the most chilled out, no tension kinda woman. Yet, with Phoebe there is always more to it to her stories.

Start a conversation with her by asking a simple question and every time you would get a detailed history about her past. Nothing is simple and one sentence when it comes to Phoebe, and so with me!

Trust me! Seriously! I swear!

Once even a colleague of mine mocked me saying, “of course there is more to the story. Tell me what happened?”

I take a day off at work and when I go back it is never as simple as “cold” or “fever”. There is always more to it. More like – “It started with pain in lower abdomen, went the doctor, he did an ultrasound, and now he says there is a polyp inside”.

The worst was when I saw a small pimple kinda thing on my neck and doctor says it is a polyp. If it grows it needs to be operated! Hell yeah!

There is no simple one line story with me.

My friend was like – “Hey, how was your India trip?”

and I spoke for half an hour only about issues. The newer diagnosis for me and my dad, how visa thing is not working out for me, why I had to suddenly come back to Saudi Arabia etc etc. Could have I just said it was “okay”? I couldn’t. That would have been a lie for sure.

Eventually people will stop asking me. I wonder if my husband already has!!! If I am at home and he asks me how my day was there is always more to it. My day can never be just good. It has to be complicated. For example today, I called a zillion people trying to understand my visa process, the more I found out, the more frustrated I got. So, now I am thinking if this was all a big mistake. Yeah that’s how my day is turning out to be. I am definitely going to write about my “applying for belgium visa” experience in a series of posts because trust me one is not enough. There is a lot more to it.

So, next time for your own well being don’t ask me questions like – “how’s your day” (It’s never good), “how’s your health” (there are always issues. I solve one and another pops up), “how’s your dad” (I can’t say he is okay, so be ready for an hour’s lecture), “what’s happening with our visa” (be ready to get your head chopped!), “when are you having a baby”(I can talk for nine months about it), “What are your future plans” (that is way more complicated than my whole life)!!!

The one question for which I can give a short answer is, “when are you moving to India?”


Sometimes, I wonder if there is actually more to a story or I am a good narrator or just overly dramatic!!!!!


One thought on “There is always more to it!

  1. Your life is adventurous, becuase you just can’t live a normal slow life. That would be too boring!!
    You have your ups and downs until everything falls in the right place.
    Looking forward to more of your writings!


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