Types of people on Facebook!

I have a love and a hate relationship with Facebook. I have deleted my account on several occasions and thanks to Facebook, which never really deletes any account, I log in after a while. Once I am on Facebook, again I start feeling it is irrelevant and consumes a lot of time, and decide to get the hell out of it. There is no denying that Facebook is a good platform to keep in touch with our friends, do some promotional activities for businesses/blogs/groups etc, and at the same time make money out of it. Trust me, I have no idea how people make money out of Facebook! Let’s just leave it there. During my course of relationship with Facebook, I have come across different types of people. This is just my “fun” observation and not to hurt anybody’s sentiments. But if you are hurt (I apologize already) and if you can’t get over a simple sentence written by a nobody you can definitely trash me on Facebook as much as you want and unfriend me! Last year somebody called me an “enemy of the nation”; I am sure you can’t beat that!


This is not about all facebook users!!! More specifically about my facebook!

So here it goes –

Let’s look at the politically motivated category.

This has two sections: Real and Fake!

Real are those individuals who post on Facebook about current political agendas, the status of the country and all those things which I don’t understand! But when I cross reference the data, their posts genuinely have some value. Their opinions if presented in the right platform could bring a lot of changes. A well read, well informed category.

The fake ones are really funny. In this there are certain sects of people who are anti Modi (for nothing!), and others are anti congress (so obviously for Modi). Somewhere I see a strong religious string attached to it. Anti Modi group posts things such as Muslims getting killed, Christians are harmed, Hindus are goons etc etc, whereas for Modi group talks about how Muslims are hurting Hindus etc etc. I often get confused if it is about politics or religion! But most of the things that are posted are pictures with some written stuff on it and nothing is validated. There are some days, when I get the same information in two different versions!!! All I want to say is -“Post whatever you like, but truly check your facts”!

The next category is Religiously motivated category.

People belonging to this category often share pictures of gods or holy places, and threaten you that if you don’t forward them you will be cursed or if you forward them you will marry the person you love/you will become rich/you will get good fortune for the next seven lives! Really? I am not a god fearing person but the people who are forward the same pictures again to me! Not again. I can’t keep ignoring god on my Facebook for long. Can I?

Next is the most confusing one – Socially motivated category.

This category of individuals are good human beings who definitely want to help others. They post about saving Earth, planting trees (I wonder if they really plant trees on soil or just on Facebook), blood donation, somebody dying of cancer and needing money, some lost child etc etc. I truly appreciate these people, but I get confused sometimes. Recently on my Facebook wall there was a story of a boy who needs blood post road traffic accident and a phone number was provided. But you know what, I had read this post a few months ago. So the boy was still in hospital? The same old picture? Are people really calling the number given? What is really happening? This is similar to why I never give money to beggars. There are so many scams with respect to beggars that I can’t differentiate who is really in trouble. Once again, check you facts before you forward anything.

My mom is in the next category but only on whatsapp – Medically motivated category

Yes, this group has answers to all your prayers. Starting from cancer to increasing hemoglobin to reducing belly fat to getting out of depression. Plus they have information about new research which even in the Medical Council of India doesn’t know. And the benefits of Haldi, lemon, tea, Jeera, etc etc you name it, they know it. And how can I forget the do’s and don’ts for a long lasting disease free happy life. Yes, they know it all!

Most are in this category – Networking category

Individuals in this group are there to network. It could be to keep in touch with our friends/family (so that some day they will come to our rescue!) or for professional purposes. For a blog, to market a product, for our own image building, etc etc. but the only purpose it to be visible in the world. That’s the main agenda! I think more the reach more the money!

Fun motivated category

I have some friends on Facebook who never post anything serious. It is about cat videos, funny memes, lame jokes and pictures. But I love these people! When I am not doing anything, I am on Facebook checking the profiles of these individuals because it gives me a relief after a stressful day. These individuals keep me updated on movies, new songs, Bollywood, and hence I love these people even more! Sometimes they can go overboard and discuss if Kareena is a good mother or not, if nepotism exists or not, but yeah occasional Bollywood drama I can handle.

And the last one, Silence motivated category

And I have a lot of friends in this category. They never post anything. If you don’t search for their names and go to their profile specifically, there are equal to non-existent on Facebook. Once in a while, when they are in a good mood they may like your profile picture or a post you have shared. But they never post anything and usually they have the same profile picture for years. I don’t know why they are on Facebook but I guess, they want to be in touch with everyone without getting all chaotic! They like their peace!

I am not saying a person belonging to one category doesn’t belong to the other. Mostly all are in the network and fun category I believe. But, I also feel there are individuals who strongly belong to one category and share some space in others too.

If there are other types of people you have come across let me know!!!!

I know one – always bored category.  Well, they write personal blogs about unwanted things like types of people on Facebook 🙂

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