Unsolved mystery of missing sunglasses

16,000 rupees!

Yes, that’s what I paid for an ordinary looking pair of sunglasses. When you grow up, earn your money, and then suddenly the “brand” bug bites you hard on your ass, you no longer are attracted to the 250 rupees glasses which you bought from a fancy store next to you house. I wanted to invest (because unlike clothes, sunglasses last longer) on a good pair of sunglasses. Hence the BURBERRY! Trust me when I say this, it looks exactly like the one I bought in palika (New Delhi) a few years ago. If there was no tag by the side or if I didn’t tell people it was Burberry nobody would even believe it. Ah, the bug! It bit me again and this time I bought a Micheal Kors and paid even more. Then, a few weeks later “reality” bug bit me hard on my heart; that’s when I lost my BURBERRY!

It was a regular weekend and we decided to go out to the “Indian” market section of Jeddah – Sharafiya. Indian is definitely emphasized as once you lose something there you won’t get it back! We went for South Indian breakfast at a restaurant called “Aryaas” and then shopping in the Indian vegetable market and in an Indian store called “Sharafiya”. When I reached home later in the evening I realized my Burberry was missing. I panicked. Heart beat accelerated. Eyes became moist. Head started spinning. Then, without any choice I told my husband. Cool as ever, he suggested we start the search. We first called our neighbors and once they said they didn’t have it we started tracking the day. From Aryaas to the market to Sharafiya store – only to declare missing. Now, I was already crying. I couldn’t take it. After all I am a middle class woman who never even had a Ray Ban. Once we reached home, we visited our neighbors to tell that I screwed up. I don’t know why, she decided to search her handbag only to find my Burberry silently hiding behind all her garbage. It looked exactly like her sunglasses, and hence the confusion.

Once I got my sunglasses back, I pledged to keep both my babies safe – Burberry and Micheal Kors only to be used on special occasions (typical middle class mentality where we bring out the new porcelain plates only when the guests arrive). Hence to protect them I bought a Tommy Hilfiger for regular use. I have been constantly using Tommy for months now and I never lost it. Even once. Not even misplaced it. I felt I am becoming responsible. So, three days ago when we decided to go to Riyadh just for a day I wanted to showcase my Burberry to god knows who! Maybe it matched with my abaya or it made me look like a Ninja, nonetheless I took it out of its safe haven.

Riyadh was blazing hot. So, I did utilize my Burberry a lot. Finally when we reached the airport and returned the rented car, I remember still wearing my sunglasses as my husband joked about it as he was wearing his too. Once inside the airport, I put my sunglasses inside the bag. After reaching Jeddah, I wore it again, went to pizza place and then ended up going to the same old neighbor’s house (who is no longer my neighbor). The next day, I went to Aryaas (the same old south indian restaurant) for breakfast, and in the evening to sharafiya store! Thursday I was at home and did not go anywhere. Today, when I decided to go out I realized my Burberry is missing. In the evening, I searched everywhere. My house, the car, even the dustbin (I truly wonder why) but I couldn’t find it. So once again, I called my neighbor, then aryaas, and I need to visit the store as they don’t have a phone. I don’t know why I keep losing the same pair and on days when I go to the same places or meet the same people. Maybe my sunglasses is racist and it likes my “fair” looking neighbor more than me or believes it needs to reach a richer owner or just wants to make me realize how stupid I am to “INVEST” in stupid sunglasses or it is god telling me – “stretch your legs according to the size of your quilt”.

I didn’t find it. I am not sure if I am going to find it. But, if you guys see my Ms. Burberry walking around in your neighborhood, please advice her to come back to me and tell her I promise to never take her out of her safe haven (until I become responsible again). If you find her, you know where to find me!

Here is a picture for identification –

I love it but I am not so insane to make portfolios of it.. The image is strictly downloaded from google. Only if I can bring a picture to life!

The hunt is on….

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