Winter is COMING!

Neither a game of thrones fan nor a winter fan!

So, what happens when you grow up in a small South Indian town which doesn’t even know what a scorching heat or freezing cold is? Well, the answer is simple. You brain stops functioning when the temperature goes above 40 or below 10 degrees. I have had a very few odd temperature dealings in my life and trust me, they didn’t end so well!

After a brief exposure to 3 degrees in Pune (and shhhh… my aunt had to finally give me Rum to stop the shivering!), my full fledged roller coaster ride was in Delhi. One thing I hate about winter is India!!!! Hell yeah! The system is so horrible. Not all the places have heaters and the ones at home are these tiny boxes which look like a modified insect killer. It’s good enough if the only body part you have are hands. I mean it is India and that’s the highest luxury you can deserve. So what happened? The temperature went below 6 degrees. Without a good heater and exposure to constant cold, I fell sick. So sick that I had to rush back to Manipal and undergo a nose surgery to remove my bulged tissues. These Manipal tissues can’t handle cold for sure!

You know how people say you learn from your mistakes. To be honest, every time I learn from a mistake I somehow learn my tricks of doing the same mistake in a different way. This time I went to Manali. Oh shut up! Not in summer. I went during the peak winter when the temperature was minus at night and around 2 to 3 degrees during the day. The moment we reached Manali around 6 in the morning, my husband shivering in cold said, “Oh we came to Manali and now let’s go back!”. Sadly, he is from Manipal as well.

The hotel, which costed us a bomb, had a small hand held heater. So this time, I couldn’t even warm my hands in peace. I had to share it with my husband!!! and you guys thought marriage is easy? Every day me and my husband had rum with ginger, honey, cumin and some other stuff I don’t even remember! It was horrible! But we hadno choice as we were trying to keep ourselves warm and healthy. We would sleep layered up that we couldn’t move at night. Irrespective of all the troubles I was going through, the next day when I saw the snow I went crazy. I slept on the snow and poured it all over me. I was wearing enough jackets; I am not that stupid! Well some times stupidity has no measurements. The next day I had diarrhea and high temperature.


When I finally reached Manipal after my short 3 day stay at Manali, I was so sick that I had to go on antibiotics for a week.

So, I know I don’t function well in cold. Yet, in the name of further studies I have committed the same mistake in a more mature way. I landed myself in Belgium. In my defense at least I didn’t chose Canada! I was still okay with the decision as the most hated thing about winter was India. This is not like India. They have big heaters. A real one, which gives out hot air. Now I don’t need to chose between my hands and legs. I don’t need to be layered up. I can move around in my bed. Such a relief. Oh wait! I broke my window the second day I got in. My highly responsible landlord has been trying to get the carpenter to fix it. But, the carpenter who has never seen me before has decided to not help me out and punish me for coming to a place which is cold. Damn! It is cold.

I was being too nonchalant about the problem. I have a big heater, you know! But I never ever thought that on a Sunday evening my heater can break down and the window like every day will silently let the cold wind inside with a scoff on its face. In short, I have been freezing for the past two hours!

While I am going to sit here and freeze for some more time wondering if I already have a congested throat, you guys enjoy your heaters and warm weather and a hot cup of tea and yeah, I am jealous!


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