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I stood there and I stood alone

Not to cry, never to mourn!

Moment of being strong took birth

I had to prove you my worth

You shattered as I walked along

Sometimes I patted, sometimes I sang a song

I broke inch by inch as I held you tight

And my soul withered in a painful fight

Days passed; years sang a new lullaby

I saw a new shine rising in your eye

But I cringed; felt like a dying flower

Holding my tears behind a thin veiled cover!

I am not strong; I let you believe so

Taking the hits for you; taking all the blow

My smile never faded till you smiled again

Can I now cry? Can I now feel the pain? 

Last few words

I stood there wondering how it would have been different
if he did not do what he did
I stood there gazing at the sky; oozing out the pain
I buried all this while, in dark red
I saw the face again, it wasn’t him
The man I ran behind when he took on the road
I had no clue to what he looked now
but the image of a shattered past, dissolved
That corner in my heart, yelped in pain
which I had comforted, to see a happy spot
“I wish” “I wish” my heart screamed aloud
but my tears didn’t wish to flow out
Every moment was a torture; happy, or sad
every moment made me go wobbling across
Can I meet him one more time and say,
I forgive your sins, to forget my own loss



Those dark brightened shadows
moved in with such ease
If death had failed them that night
time would definitely cease
Their toys when moved in action
death submitted in shame
A massacre of devotion and emotions
never sounded them lame
They barged in, stepping forward
to rule over the left over humanity
When the veil lifted, unravelling truth
they wondered at their vanity
The human race was extinct
except their pride, religion and blood
Countries without boundaries,
Holy books without it’s devotees
And rivers filled with mud
Now they looked around, to feel
the darkness they buried in their lives
Contemplating their actions 
of burning homes, slaughtering children,
raping sisters and selling their wives
“He” told there is an end to everything
to start fresh; to give a new definition
But as the dawn of apocalypse slid in
he promised to re-create earth
without a single human!!!

Being molested…


An old man on the street, who often winks at
A conductor, charges more than money for a ticket
A friend on bike, breaks often complaining bad roads
And a cousin, kills the innocence before it blooms
Colleague blocks the way, rubs the shoulders rough
Boss gives a perfect hundred if he gets a hug
That french beard stranger whistles as if I am deaf
His group of friends just find my trail like a pug
That uncle brings home chocolates to stroke my back
Neighbour for a mere sketch, crosses the dignity track
My brother’s friend teaches me more than history
Boy friend often wondered, when shall be his victory
And there was the policeman, thought would save
He too looked lustful, like past vengeance in eyes
Finally, after running from all, at home feeling safe
They ask me,
“What clothes you wear? how do you walk
Can’t you look down? Can’t you just not talk?
If they touch, can’t you disappear in the crowd?
Don’t tense us, three more girls and we are not proud”
I gulped it down, the bitter fact of life
I couldn’t scream, spit and not even cry
I knew, the night was falling shattering me every single bit
But I had to sleep, to be prepared for the next day’s molest



It pulled me, dragged me and tangled me
It took me for granted
It strangled me often, with eyes open and smiling in
I fought back, I did hopelessly
Tears rolling down, repentance starting to stagger
The depression was over though, short while
Something else filled my blood now
Something so cold yet, boiling strong
Fencing an invisible cage
I swear, I did try to break out
Yesterday, that day and even today
It is about its aura, spreading around me
Not letting me go
Making me so slow
Weak, tired and timid
Now once again, I see hope
I don’t know but somehow
Like I did yesterday, that day
But I know, I won’t win, I lose
Cage is strong and I feel guilty
For taking shelter here, which had no exit
I was sad then, but so much alive
Today, I feel nothing
No fear, No anger, No sorrow
No happiness, either
I feel nothing apart from my hollow soul
I feel, no matter how hard I try
I have knocked the door of my death

Shades of Fear!!!

When I look at myself in the mirror, I am in shell of horror
Sometimes I feel my heart will explode, every ringing bell gives me a road
Sometimes the world becomes gloomy, and I try to find the actual me
I smell the man trying to kill, letting the silence to fill
Sometimes I feel dreams to be reality, I cry for mercy and pity
Then I turn, I open my eyes, I find nobody around
Was it the truth or a gloomy dream? Was I actually going to scream?
Still thoughts put up in a maze, pounding, surrounded by haze
Life has become tangled braid
Can I come out of it?
Can I be free?
Can I live my life without being afraid?



Why are you not here?
Why cant I see you near?
Your face I can never see
Your voice I can never hear
When I look outside the window
Kids holding hands of soul
Question Myself, at my existence
Feeling lifeless and troll
Am no life without you
Just come back to me once
I cant reverse past
I cant let it pass
Still holding it strong in heart
Unable to make a new start
Awaiting eagerly for that day
When you are only inches away!!!